Friday 26th June 2009

but how can I ever change things that I feel.

What : 5am /15pm
Why : Finish early on a Friday
Last Hard : Tuesday
Last Rest : Wednesday

Have a nice day , its almost the weekend image


  • morning

    ooh, ooh, ooh, I know the lyrcis.  Recently bought the CD;  had the vinyl version many years ago but somewhere along the way it got lost (along with all my vinyl image)

    Sharkie - great report as ever, and good running too.

    TmR - sorry you weren't happy with your race.

    Pretty gobsmacked at the death of Michael Jackson.   Mad as a bag of frogs but he had talent once upon a time.

    What: 5 miles  easy
    Why: due an easy one
    Last hard: ??
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    Have a good day.

  • Morning all

    AF - MRI is on 4th of July

    Joe - will be running by the end of July but will still cycle.

    Sharkie - another great report.

    What: 14 miles on the bike including 7 at 10mile TT pace
    Swim later
    Why: hobble on it's Friday
    Last rest: 13th June
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Lyrics: mmmmmm not 100%

    Yesterdays Lyrics were Stone Sour and Bother - probably a bit heavy for some people

  • Hiya

    What: Cycle to Hyde Park, marshall at LFOTM. Cycle home.
    Why: A marshall has to do what a marshall has to do.

     Lyrics: Mmm think so.

    TMR Sorry to read that your race was so emphatically not what you wanted - and more annoyingly - not as you believed you had run it. There does seem to be some some element in your training/ racing/  - life(?) that's just not quite right. Hence the constant puzzling and tweaking. Very frustrating when one puts as much thought and energy into it as you do.

    What I've been meaning to ask you is: why the discus? As opposed to any of the other throws? Javelin is the only one that appeals to me - all the the throws are about technique as much as power, I realise that - but discus throwers do seem to be pretty hefty individuals on the whole - a far cry from marathon runners (such as yourself) Do you have pretty good upper body strength and explosive power?

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Morning folks.

    Dustin - something to look forward to then! image

    Nice reps RFJ.

    sharkie - at least you know you'll run right through the line the next time image Oh, and in my experience, technique is more important with discus than power. If you have the technique right the speed you build up during the turns will give you plenty of distance.

    TmR - I know where you're coming from with your logic, but be careful you're not forcing a conclusion to justify what you want to do..... if that makes sense? As I said to you after Shakespeare, it's quite possible you had some form of virus. Did you ever get a blood count done as a virus would also fit as a valid cause for some of your problems also?

    The 2 complete rest days seem to have (touch wood) done the trick. Though still not 100% this morning I am feeling better than I have done in weeks, so am tentatively stepping straight back into the schedule, but if I'm struggling later I'll cut short. Fingers crossed!

    What: 6m rec jog d&d / core d&d / 2 hours easy pm.
    Why: schedule.
    Last hard: Not running for 2 days image
    Last rest: last 2 days.
    Lyrics: Nope.

    Have a great day all!

  • TippTop Hey, good to hear your feeling so much better. You put it  well to TMR ... be careful you're not forcing a conclusion to justify what you want to do ... something quite a few of us should bear in mind from time to tme I reckon.

    Complete rest is SO difficult, especially for twitchy types. Slow twtich or fast twitch, it don't matter! Relaxation, yer what?  So well done you. Mission accomplished let's hope.

  • Mornin all,

    TT - Sorry to hear about the ongoing problems, hopefully you're nearly out of the woods. Just be careful - as i was saying before, i know of two friends who got complications following a foreign aquired virus. The two days rest is difficult, when all you want is to get back on schedule. - i had four last week with the AR5e - that seems sorted now, but last week it seemed like the end of the world!!!. The rest done me the world of good - having a great week training this week. Dont worry if you have to cut short later, get things right - You still have 18/19 weeks. The break will have no effect on your fitness and your form come October.

    Have a great day all - need to go long later14/15 hopefully as i'm out of action tomorrow - Brother getting married & I have to wear a fancy suit.

    Poor old Wacko!!

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Cheers sharkie. Fingers crossed it has done the job. I know I'm not 100% but think I should be ok for easy running.

    Paddy - your comment was one of the things that reassured me I was doing the right thing. I also remembered one of the guys on sub-3 not being allowed to race Berlin last year because of a virus (think the organisers actually made him have an ECG as well). Like you say, plenty of time (17 weeks from Monday coming). Enjoy the wedding!

  • A'noon peeps.

    What: Relaxed 4 miles this morning.

    Why: Habit now, thankfully.

    Have a good day.

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    TT - Sounds encouraging.

    What:  Rest
    Why:  Royal visit
    Last hard:  5 days
    Last rest:  2 days

    Got a club talk this evening on motivational psychology for athletes - could be interesting.

  • sharkie, javelin throwing is what sprinters do, and guys who are good at throwing cricket/rounders balls; its actually the throw I'm worst at.  And I have no spring, so jumps are hopeless. Shot is much more about power, but adequate rather than top-class hammer and discus is as much about technique (as TT says) .  Sure I haven't and don't want the shape of a proper discus thrower, but I know its possible for someone of my size to throw an awful lot further than I currently do. And I like the feel and look of discus throwing.
    As for my running, as the latest attempt to tweak my training, I agreed with coach to experiment with lower mileage to increase the quality of other runs, but I feel it has really backfired.  I'm pretty sure the current problem is mainly that I ended the last marathon campaign with about 4 weeks of higher quality, lower miles taper, then 2 weeks recovery, then 3 low weeks with a cold/infection, so I've had 9 weeks of far too low mileage.

    TT, "to justify what you want to do"  you mean I should accept that I'm old and cr*p ? if I had a virus at some point I'm sure it hasn't been the answer all the time; Glad you are feeling better though.

    40mins, that talk sounds interesting. Who is giving it ? you'll have to give us a very full report

    What:   am: 4ml easy  lunchtime: 10ml
    Why: angry after yesterday; "miles make champions", not pratting around having loads of easy, short recovery days

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    TmR - easy tiger! Who said anything about old and crap? You know I totally agree with high mileage, my comment was just to point out that the cold/infection could be as culpable as the lower mileage so it is not necessarily justifiable to lay the blame at the door of lower mileage when there are other factors. If you weren't under the weather then it may have worked out differently...... Re: virus, they can actually last months in the body. That's the reason I'm being so cautious at the moment. I don't want to get 3 or 4 months down the line and still be affected by it........

    Sounds like it could be an interesting talk 40mins. Who's giving it? Royal visit btw?

  • Afternoon all,

    The bridges relay was the usual fun; 400 runners charging up and down the embankment and over bridges dodging puzzled pedestrians.  But not enough pain.  Finished in 13:05 for 2.3m against a best of 12:47.  From one angle, it's not too bad to be <20s down off high mileage and no speed work for 6 months.  On the other, I should be clocking nearer 5:21 than 5:41 miles. Think I need some of 40's motivational psychology.  Still, horses for courses. 

    TMR:  Interesting that you're thinking you need more mileage to get your speed up, and I'm doing oodles of mileage and have no speed.  And I am old and cr*p.   

    JH:  Nice double!

    Gobi:  Independence Day!

    TT:  Glad to hear your on the mend.

    • What:  13m general aerobic.
    • Why:  It's Friday-get-out-of-the comfort-zone.  Although it was more due to the humidity than the pace today an finished 1:11 slower than same run last week. 
    • Last Hard:  Go on then, Yesterday
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Have a good one!

  • TT, sorry. I know the direct effects of whatever I had lasted a few weeks, when I really didn't have the energy to train properly, but I'm sure I've been fine the last 2- 3 weeks.  I also know that all my running is 30secs-1min/ml down on where I was in March, so OK, I shouldn't have been surprised by the race.  The question now, is how to get the speed back ?

    AF, I've always done quite a lot of speedwork (at least MP and 10k pace,) in large doses, two or three times/week.  But the last few weeks I've had to cut the doses of several sessions, and the pace is well down, so yes I think these sessions need to be backed up by large quantities of miles, however slow.  I expect the pattern over the next two weeks or so will be that the average pace slows, then suddenly starts to pick up.  Do you remember when Hilly first started drastically increasing her mileage on the Mike Gratton thread ?

  • AF - well done on finally going for the hard sessionimage.  Your recent mileage ramping is bound to have an effect, might just take a while for you to adjust

     TmR - hope the anger fuels your runs well.  Sometimes when training just doesn't happen as we'd like it puts us down and makes things worse

    TT - hope the recovery goes fine

     What:  6.1 miles am steady/ 4.1 miles pm easy
    Why:  Previous few days were rubbish training-wise (combination of alcohol and hot weather) so needed a good day to get back on track
    Last hard:  Monday
    Last rest:  yesterday

    Poor MJ, one of my favourite singers, just ignore certain parts of the craziness...


  • Jason - agree - poor Michael Jackson - brilliant singer, dancer, performer - rest of his life I don't think anyone would want. Couldn't imagine him growing old though.

    TMR - think we've been running so long, we've used every trick in the book. Think these days it's best to just do what an old RW thread member used to say, "just see what I've got today". And just accept it. Well that's what I do anyway. I still can't help being disappointed when the old body says, "not today love", but that's how it is.

    What I've noticed is that those that are new to this running lark, get so much improvement, no matter what age, so it keeps them buoyed and motivated. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting out there doing the hard yards even though you may not get rewarded. Enjoy the good bits. You've got very high standards, just think there would be lots that would love to be able to run as well as you do.

    Sharkie - great 400m - I didn't congratulate you the other day. Seems you are just hitting things really well.

    AF - a race!! Good on you. Amazing you can turn your legs over that fast with so much mileage in them.

    Tipp Top - hope you have no more set backs - good luck.

    What: No run - trying to give my foot a bit of a rest.

    Good running everyone.

  • helo

    I know fck all about running, but TMR, id say you are too hard on yourself and maybe that is counter productive

    I speak from personal experience in other walks of life, sometimes you can push TOO hard

    Righ, ok

    had a shite week. appraisal(went ok in the end) and emotional trauma

    4.4 miles yesterday

    2 this am

    7.3 this pm


    For the first time in seven years i enjoyed a training run and now understand what is meant by runners high

    Bit-overwhelmed by this

    Seven bloody years of struggle

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    AF - all depends on your definition of speed..... it's all relative to the distance image Nice work on the relay off the back of big mileage.

    TmR - the Lydiard way would be nothing but jogging and easy mileage until you're feeling fully yourself again as I understand it.....

    NZC - any improvement with the heel?

    PH - nice! image

    Run went well earlier. Bit strange. First 6m were > 7m/m and felt a lot lot harder than they should have, then all of a shot it was like something went pop Next 12 were metronomic @ 6:40m/m for less effort. One swallow doesn't make a summer, but fingers crossed I'm out of the woods.

  • Just read Hippo's post

    A mixed bag alright.

    Your line of work has a habit of delivering you those sort of challenges. Be strong.

    But I am so very pleased that your training run was tickety boo.

    TT sounds like he's clicking along nicely too.

    As for me, apart from a bush stop the 11 was a gentle and easy outing.

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