The Whaley Waltz

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bit late to start a thread maybe, but just in case anybody fancies a sneaky fell race at short notice...


  • Already in, I have to redeem my manhood with the water plunge, caught on film last year getting in like a right wuss, top bombing this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    didn't do it myself last year, but I've heard the technique is to jump in across as far as you can, as it's deeper at the near bank... image

  • It's a really nice race, nothing too taxing and a carnival too a friend of mine organises it so it's a few beer afterwards and a BBQ.  Found out to my cost about the depth last year and looked a right a"&e
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    absolutely splendid day out - got to watch the carnival procession, then 150 of us lined up in the middle of the main road in Whaley Bridge and bang! we were off...
    great route (3M up + 3M down to/from Windgather Rocks basically)
    splosh in River Goyt just before the finish

    highly recommended to all/sundry for next year... image image

  • Better than last year, the start in the village with the crowds added to the event, and I redeemed myself from last year with a manly jump into the Goyt.  Can't wait for next year
  • Splendid race. Really good fun. Great river crossing too. Second race of a great series all well worth doing.

  • that link took me to a strange place, it does mention, don't know if it's the LT, but it was more like a search page - maybe it's my browserimage

    Missed Goyts Moss this year hope to make it to Shining Tor and Windgather.  Got the link through the GVS website.

    Goyt Valley series

    Hope to do the last 2 races in the Hayfield championship, want the t-shirt image

    edit just tried the link at home it was my browser at work

  • Were any photos ever posted for this one? I'd like to add to my collection.
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