The Big Fun Run (5k)

I have entered to take part in one of the fun runs organised by in August.

I only start running 12 weeks ago and am proud to say I can now run 5k (did 3.01 miles yesterday without stopping !).

 My time yesterday was 34 minutes (11.29min/miles) precisely which I know is slow however, I just wanted to complete the distance before trying to increase pace.

Now that I know I can do the distance, I want to increase pace....what is the best way forward ???

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Speedwork and tempo sessions, however, I'd get your long run up to 6 miles+ before you add some speed or tempo sessions in.
  • HI Marathon Effort.

    I too can now run 3 - 4 miles without stopping after 4 months (good feeling eh!). I find doing a fast paced half mile every other mile helped me. It gives you good strength in the long run.

    Also I do 50 swimming lengths mid week this gives to a great cardio workout, so your lungs are stronger.

    Hope this is ok for you, good luck on the run

  • I have just purchased a (dreaded !) treadmill for the impending winter months.  This is not intended to replace my road running however, will help when the ice and driving rain sets in !

    4k done today in 30 mins which isnt bad considering I have returned from holiday and havent run for two hard now to improve my 5k race time which takes place in under three weeks image

  • Can't offer any advice but just wanted to say well done!  I started running about 5 or 6 weeks ago and am using a couch to 5k app, and am half way through it. I can't believe that I can now run for 6 minutes without dying, and a total of 16 minutes with ony two 3 minute walks to break it up! I have always hated running, but turned 40 and was very overweight and the appeal of running away stresses of the day and having a bit of time to myself (I have 4 children and am a nursery supervisor so always am surrounded by noise!) started getting stronger.  I am absolutely loving running and look forward to my run days.  I particularly love it after I have been studying for a couple of hours and use it to reward myself - Gosh I never thought that would be a sentance in my vocabulary! I cannot wait to be able to run 5k and want to do some organised runs then, and then next spring I'm going to increase to 10K.  I'm also thinking about buying a treadmill as I live in the countryside and it's ok running when it's light but very dangerous in the dark - lots of unlit, windy, fast roads.  Hope you get on well with the speed increase!

  •  It gives you good strength in the long run.


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