Hever Castle Tri

 I cant do it as it is JW weekend but it looks like a lovely setting

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TRIATHLETES of all abilities are encouraged to sign up for one of the most picturesque races of its kind in the South East of England - registration for the inaugural Hever Castle Triathlon opens today.

The Hever Castle Triathlon will have a series of races to cater for all levels of ability, and all can be undertaken as an individual or as part of a relay team (i.e. one person swims, the other cycles and the other runs).

For the elite triathlete there is the Henry VIII race (800m swim, 40km bike, 8k run) and for all first timers there is the Anne Boleyn race (400m swim, 20k bike, 4k run).

The open water swim will be in the stunning Hever Castle Lake, the cycle for the two longer adult races will take place around a 20k circuit through the High Weald of Kent an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and finally the run will circumnavigate the Hever Castle estate and the award winning gardens for a challenging but beautiful final leg of the triathlon.


  • It's a lot of money for a pan flat course, you would have thought they would have made use of the surrounding bumps a bit more!!!
  • that sounds pretty expensive to me too. First thought was that looks like fun, but the cost of the event plus travel from Germany  there makes it a tad bit dear for a shortish race.
  • This is expensive but could be a good introduction for me to do my first OW swim - so I'm tempted, probably with the shorter one depending on how my swim technique comes along. 


  • I'm thinking about doing this one just because it's so nice and late in the year so I've got all summer to train but it doesn't clash with holidays and stuff.  It'd be my first attempt at a tri but I'm worried about swimming crawl in open water.  I know it sounds daft but I can swim crawl fine in a pool and breast stroke fine in the sea but when I try and do crawl in the sea I keep swallowing water and all I can see is dark green so I've no idea where I'm going.  Any advice ?
  • I should probably do this as it just up the road from me, but i'm not sure if my swimming would be ready for an open water swim and it a bit priceyimage

  • too expensive and their site crashed my computer so I won't be playing there then image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    it's not that expensive compared to say Windsor or London (£95 ffs..)

    could be quite a good one to end the season on but sadly I think I have a 30 mile run planned for that w/e - or is that a run/walk Smithy?? image
  • Thanks for posting this Plum, I was thinking of doing a Sprint Tri this year and this ticks all the boxes.

    Plenty of time to train, not too far away, open water event, scenic venue.

    Also, it doesn't seem that expensive to me, at least for the sprint race. £40 is the same price as the ones at Dorney Lake I was considering and this is a much more interesting venue.

    I need to do some diary checking but I may well sign up to this.

    *makes mental note to start training on the bike again*

  • I'm tempted - Hever Castle has been listed by daughter's school as a good place to visit given next term's history topic is the Tudors, so I can probably blag it.  Tricky part will be answering 'why are you putting your bike in the car?'
  • obviously so you can get around the grounds faster and therefore see more,

    the wetsuit might be a bit more problematic though

  • Nah, I'll just wear it under my normal clothes - I've been doing that for years so she won't suspect a thing image
  • call me a softie but I would not describe the bike course as pan flat.  I ride some of this on my occasional commutes to/from work (the top half) and some of the other parts on sunday rides.  There is a good climb out of Penshurst (10-11km) from the Eden Valley, and the stretch along past Bough Beech (13-18km) is definitely undulating otherwise I'm changing down my gears for no reason.  Now the run may well be flat but as they won't let me in to Hever Castle grounds to try it out I have no idea.  The nearest i have been is along the Eden Valley walk footpath which passes by the jousting field and then out next to the main entrance and that was relatively flat.  Looks a good route and definitely more interesting than dorney lake, my other open water this year.  I think I may have to enter as it is so local to me.
  • I've changed my mind.......... going to do this now.  Some mates from work are too, likewise some of my tri club (I think)!
  • the website really isn't very good! image And, it's £10 for a frigging T Shirt imageimage


    Anyway, I'm still doing it image and sod the T Shirt image

  • grrrr

    I'm looking for an end of season olympic for the mssus to do, but we are doing the XTT off road tri thing on the 26th....

  • this isn't really an oly though OC.... Its got a short swim and run.
  • and it starts this sunday morning and I have entered the Henry, and even if the swim is short (by half) and the run is short (by 2km), it is still a long tri with a bit of a hilly ride to go round twice.  Still we get to swim in the castle lake last used regularly for swimming in the 1930's i read somewhere else on the net. 
  • Good luck everyone, something to pencil in for next year hopefully
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