Can insoles help with injury and training?

Hi, if I buy some special sports insoles to use when im training on the road, will this help to prevent injuries and absorb some shock???

I ask this because I don't think my trainers absorb enough for me even though they are new asics and keep giving me injuries.



  • all depends on your biomenchanics but in a lot of cases yes they can, however if you keep getting injuries from a new shoe i would be questioning if it is the correct shoe prior to getting an insole...

    it could be that an insole will just add to the shoe and make it function better, but it sound slike you really need to get it checked out

  • Right I brought some insoles today.

    I have taken out the original insoles and the new ones feel a lot thicker than the original ones.

    Im going to go for a 5-6 mile run later so hopefully they will absorb some more of the shock however they do make my shoes tighter so that may be a problem???
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