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Crane clothing is the brand sold at Aldi shops throughout the UK and since the beginning of the year I've bought both running and cycling gear all of which is of the highest quality with stay dry technology but have come at a fraction of the cost of the big brands. My last set of cycling clothing, top, jacket, glasses and shorts can in at under £50. Whilst I realise the comfort some people get from the big brands, can I suggest if your after some training gear that the Crane line is well worth a try. A running t-shirt with staydry technlogy is on average about £6 shorts about a £5 

The only downside is that they only release the sports clothing a couple of times a year which can mean a mad dash to the shop early on a Thursday to make sure that I can have a decent selection. As the other downside is that sometimes they can have limited stock. However from speaking to an Aldi manager they intend to increase supply and frequency as they have been surprised how well their sports stock has taken off.

Well worth keeping an eye out for 


  • I should have added I don't work for either Crane or Aldi just like a bargin!!!!!!!
  • TwoTinNicTwoTinNic ✭✭✭
    Can also vouch that they are very good!  Especially the sock and pants.  Pity they dont stock them all the time
  • Good quality kit.

    Just tried out a new vest today and its the business for wicking sweat away.

    I've got a few bits of Crane kit and I've never had any complaints.

  • I wore the socks today and my feet felt bloody hot.

    I thought "you damn liar, Mr LB - these are no good"image

    But then I took them off after 10 miles and found blisterless tootsies.....image

  • Same here - just a shame they don't stock it all year round.
  • Shame that there aren't any reviews on either the website or magazine.

    If there were maybe that would help get Aldi to stock them more regulary

  • it's because Aldi don't stock them all year round, that they can do the prices that they offer.

    They are able top bulk purchase on big shipment, get it sent in store in one go. And don't have the hassle of trying to re order when a size goes out of stock, trying to offer various options of colours and technical 'ability'.

    They don't purchase much in the either very small or extra large sizes.

    They don't have to employ staff to help give customers advice on fitting, breath ability & water 'proof-ness'.

    bit like a running/bike/triathlon/camping/skiing shop does.

  • JB

    Understand your points but they do sell good quality stuff and very reasonable prices which in the current climate I'm apprecaite of.

    I'm not really a big brand buyer and I find the Crane stuff good value and I just feel that they would be worth an occasional mention in the review sections of the RW website or magazine.

    Most people who buy the Crane brand know that when its in stock its normally gone ina couple of days and I've been to Aldi on a Thursday morning to see people with arms full of the stuff so it must be worth a mention

  • I generally only have crane clothing for running in, but the exception is my shoes.  I have found the clothes to be excellent
  • RB

    Agree with the comments about the shoes, I think thats one area were it does pay to go with a big brand although if you shop carefully you can normally pick up a bargin. ie Factory shops

  • I've got a couple of bits and agree they're perfectly adequate for your average run (or cycle).

    The only issue I had was with the zip at the neck of a long sleeved top that sticks halfway occasionally, but given that I got it for a pound off their sale rail I can't grumble at that.

  • Have to agree about the zips.  I have found them to stick, on my running jacket and my long top, but everything else is fine
  • Does anyone know how to get gear reviews submitted. As I'm happy to do a review but cannot find any links

  • Their sports sunglasses are good too and only £4 a pairimage
  • Lidi are selling running gear from Monday. Shorts for a £5 tops for £7 
  • Just purchased both long sleeved top and trousers for running in cooler weather oh and socks all from aldi by crane.

    Apart from lack of pocket and a zip on the trouser bm that failed, am seriuously impressed.

    Survived a fairly wet 8k fett, dry and warm, top damp not sweaty legs warmed quickly once rain and wind stopped.

    Heading back tomorrow see if can get any more.

  • Aldi gear is great!!!

  • Some of their stuff isn't as good quality as it used to be but it's still excellent value for money. I'm still running in ALDI tights that are at least 5 years old now and yes they look tatty and threadbare but they still do the job. Bought myself a pair of cycling armwarmers last week; I'm wearing them for running too and they're brilliant!

  • Even better - they're about the only brand of running clothing without labels. If like me you have serious tactile issues these are a lifesaver !!

  • The Crane clothing at Aldi is really good quality. I had a Crane jacket for running in and it lasted several years.

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