Sunday 28th June 2009

People fly by in the traffics boom.

What : 20M in some shape or form
Why : Mileage (100M off 6 days running)
Last Hard : The heat yesterday
Last Rest : Wednesday


  • Looks like another worrascorcher. So hurrah and huzzah for me and deep sympathies for the likes of Joe who will be running a lot further than the 30 and 50 metre reps I have planned.

    I heart the hot weather me.
    25 degrees plus. Come on!
    I even heart humidity lol.

    Oops gone all youngperson speak. Slap her she's hysterical.

  • morning all.

    lol Sharkie. I heart hot weather, just not when I have to run in it!

    What: 13.7 miles down to Hildenborough and back
    Why: it's long run day
    Last hard: that definitely was, particularly Riverhill
    Last rest: 16 Feb

    fortunately most of the pavement down to Hildenborough was in  shade so although it was hot it could have been worse.  

    As a reward I've allowed myself a large glass of full fat Coke, filled with ice.  Mmmmmm. Sugar and caffeine hit...

    Enjoy the rest of your sunday people.

  • Morning,

    It's definitely warm out there!  I do NOT heart hot weather (although I don't mind it if all I have to do is lie on a beach with a book).  Today, I set off earlier than normal to try to beat the heat a bit, but my Garmin still reckoned it was 29 degrees when I got home at 10am.  That's about 28 degrees too warm for my running! Still,

    What: 7.5M slowly
    Why: to hot to run further or faster
    Last hard: today, even though it was short and slow!!!
    Last rest: Thursday

    Am currently re-thinking the coming week to see if I can move some runs to the evenings, especially as they reckon Monday and Tuesday will be even warmer.

    Bet I am the only person on here today who can report seeing a peacock and an owl whilst out for my run.

  • I loathe hot weather

    And I loathe hills, so why did I do the Timberhonger 10k again

    This is a race with a really nasty hill between 7.5 and 8.5 km-i have never managed to run all the way up it

    Until today

    I almost had to walk at the top of the hill though because i was retching so badly-a testimony to how hard i pushed it.I expect I WILL be sick in my next short race-this seems to be a new problem for me


    Mile splits

    8.54(slow start, too far at the back and uphill)


    8.31(downhill bits to be run UP later on)

    9.10-struggling in the heat now


    9.22(nemesis hill over those last 2 miles)

    2.24 for the long long endless finish

    I am knackered

    last year, I DID walk up the hill and was almost 2 minutes quicker-but then it did rain last year

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Good afternoon...extremely humid...and currently extremely wet...couldn't see when driving a short while ago!

    Not been for run yet, will wet till the sun comes out again, not that it will affect me as I will only be doing a very short run, again.

    What: little more than 10 mins on grass, I would imagine.
    Why: restricting any jarring following Tuesday evening's neck procedure
    Last rest: Dec 24
    Last hard: that would be Tuesday evening's neck procedure. Had facet joint injections to both sides of the neck under local anaesthetic, given under x-ray. Consultant said that the next day it would be as if nothing had happened...this was true as I guess I was still full of anaesthetic...gradually over the rest of the week my neck has got blacker, bluer and yellower...marks about the size of a fist on each side of my neck. This does not worry me, but what does is that my neck is becoming more and more locally tired to the point where I keep having to lie down as my neck doesn't feel strong enough to support my head! Hence since Weds I have just done a very cautious and gentle 10 minutes on grass each day.

    Well done PH...given the tough course and heat that is a commendable run. How far is it from your PB?

     And well done Joe, a goodly volume of miles.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • alehouse

     miles off my pb which was set on an undulating course 3 weeks ago(53.30)

    it peed down that day

    much better to run in

    Goes off to look for a flat winter 10k

  • Afternoon all,

    AB:  metronomic pacing there! 

    RFJ:  Nice going at the NHTT with a dodgy foot!

    PH:  Nice 5k.  25:19 to 25:45 in the heats not so bad.  And a 10k for afters as well.  2 mins in now't in the heat and humidity.

    JH:  Now that's what I call a double image  Much respect at 37m in that heat. and another 20 to follow.  Thud!!!

    NZC:  Seems strange you posting XC when we're in a heatwave!  Well run.

    alehouse:  Sounds Awfull!  Healing Vibes.

    Well, I didn't need the factor 30 sun cream as there was cloud, but even I resorted to carrying fluid today.  Trouble was, I had about 330ml most of which had evapourated by the time I needed it.

    • What:  22m
    • Why:  Mad Dogs and Matathon Runners...
    • Last Hard:  Thursday
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Be careful out there!

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Alehouse  - rather you than me...
    Well raced PH
    Good NHTT efforts too from RFJ & Andy, and must read back to see how AF got on at the relays...EDIT - 17s off the fastest time over 2.3 miles. I'd be pleased with that. I assume its a company type event. Not sure I could muster enough runners from my firm...

    Little running for me the past few days. Basingstoke has a festival of sport weekend with the twin town of Euskirchen in Germany, the running club exchange with their athletics team, but also encompasses local tennis, judo, you-name-it-they-do-it teams.... So picked up our guest Friday evening, Mara, a 13yr old german athlete. Saturday morning was track and field events. So I was long jump measurer, javelin retriever, race timer, and general extra pair of hands. At least that got me out of running, but then again it was more for the kids. Managed to get my 7yo into 4 events : LJ, 75m, 'howler' (U11s javelin equivalent) and the 600m. My eldest and her german friend did the 100m, LJ and javelin.
    Afternoon of swimming - well for an hour before they closed the pool as the lifeguards were fainting with heat exhaustion (41 degrees in the aquadrome). Evening BBQ with all the athletics crew.
    Today has taken the germans plus a few of the english hosts to London for a typical sightseeing day. Took the opportunity then to get an 8 miler in - reasonably zippy (despite the heat), 55:42.  We expect them back around 5 and there is a big farewell do later, doesn't finish until 10:30pm, and they need to be at the coach station at 7 in the morning. Poor things, they will be exhausted. I know I am.

    Enjoy whats left of the w/e
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Well raced hippo

    AF - Tsking the Noel Coward approach i see

    What: Horndon on the Hill 10km
    Why: Its local, and i was up, and i paid my money so it mseemed rude not to
    Last Hard: Today

    1am this morning at work was wondering why? onearth i was oing this. 8:30 this morning i was awake so might as well go as i was awake.
    Got there met some clubmates, some fetchies the usual pre race chat looking for 52 minutes being realistic. Hmmmm
    Start is crowded you go down the hill (hence the name of the race) u-turn back up the hill, then 2 loops around the village and surrounding lanes including a long stretch of gravel path in final mile.
    Everyone goes haring down the hill decided to hold back as you have to go back up the hill, doing this i slowly overtook some who went to fast, but not as fast as i wanted. But although my racing was carp today i love this race, always popular, its on the same weekend as the feast and fayre loads of stalls the villagers coe out to support even with their hose pipes to give the runners some relief. Years ago you had to go up the hill again at the finish but they changed the route so you finish at the base of the hill. Ties in miles

    Split time Avg. HR Max. HR
    9:19 138 152 congested and down hill
    9:23 159 171 back up hill
    8:50 160 167
    9:21 164 169
    9:20 165 169
    8:50 169 172 gravel path
    1:52 173 176 MHR -3

    56:57 by my watch knew by halfway that pb wasn't on so just tried to run strong. Whether it was the heat or i'm getting too old to do a race following a night shift. Just excuses really

    Then re met the fetchies afterwards and went to one of the pubs and had a few drinks and a chat. Very enjoyable
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Afternoon folks.

    Will read back later, but for now hope all are well, etc.

    After Friday's promising 'revival' I intended to do 60-90mins easy Sat, but woke up feeling bad again, so discretion better part of valour, blah, blah, blah, rested instead. Felt much much better today - reckon about 80-90% of normal (so pace is still down for effort), which is the best in weeks, so back to normal now image

    What: 23m d&d am / 6m rec jog d&d pm.
    Why: getting back to it.
    Last hard: being sensibly sensible this week.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
    Lyrics: Nope.

    Have a great day all!

  • Rest day today which is nice.....looking forward to some balmy sunny evening runs this week if the weather delivers what they promise - I love those.

    Just looked at the NHTT website and noticed Gobi managed to get a good picture of me finishing yesterday, and also a nice one of me cruising round some people who set off waaaaaay too fast!

    Tempted to go back soon even though it's a fair drive as it was such good fun and a pleasant course.

  • SGQ.  I like the peacock and owl. Sounds like an exotically names pub.

     Hipps. Congratulations on conquering the hot hill. hate hills, you can't stand the heat, er, the question that springs to mind is - why did you do it? Who frogmarched you there and demanded you raced a 10k today?


    BTW, IMHO, (acronyms ahoy!) the benchmark puke factor race is 400m so the closer you get to it from either direction - 5k down, 60 metres up, the more likely you are to shower the assembled multitudes (or track, or grass verge) with vom. Even if you haven't eaten for hours. I expect tacking a genuine 400 sprint on the end, or in the middle of a longer race has the same effect?

    A real live heat of the midday track session for me. 12 noon to 1:15. Over 30 degrees in the sunshine. Bit warm! Wore short shorts! And a cropped vest! Not a woolly one!

    Drills, strides, all the usual stuff.
    2 x 120 wind ups. Two chances to yell 'TRACK!' at some dawdlers in lane 1. Ahem.
    Then 6 x 30m, 4 x 50m, 2 x 60m. All with crouch starts.

    While I was doing my drills some bloke said, "You're a 400 metre runner, aren't you...?"

    Please don't let it be a sign.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Pammie and PH on your races

    15.25m for me, with a total wipe out, a concealed stone jumped out and made me fall......, gashed knee, cut hand and badly scuffed / grazed shoulder, all ouch, got up and did final 3m.... started to stiffen up but am ok...

    Last Hard - The ground....
    Last Rest - Fri

    Take care

  • alehouse, is what your neck is now doing what the quacks said would happen, or doing something different ?

    PH, Pammie  good races in the heat

    Dustin, sounds fun, anyhow

    sharkie, he was obviously impressed with your 400m form!

    RFJ ouch!

    What: i) am discus practice with discus coach; ii) 1am: 21.4ml;  iii) soon:  easy run to gym, weight sess and run home
    Why: how the day panned out.  But happy to do the long run at the hottest time; I love it though, and ran stronger than my last few long runs; if I can use the heat as an excuse for it not being even a bit better - and it wasn't that great - so much the better.

  • Sharkie-you have to ask?

    whay have i done 102 marathons of which only three didnt hurt?

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    TMR: no, its absolutely not I was told would happen, so its on to the consultant's secretary tomorrow. Nice long run (although I suspect it was 1 p.m. if it was the hottest part of the day!).

    Sharkie: so I was right...400 metres it is! Just use those  shorter little races to keep yourself sharp. You know it makes sense.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • alehouse Stop it. Right now. I know where you live.
  • Mava - can understand the appreciation of a nice cold flat coke after a hard effort in the heat. It's been raining here for a couple of days now, and not hot at all!!

    SGQ - what was an owl doing out at that time of day?

    Hipps - tough day out there then!

    Alehouse - take it easy, hope all is well once the bruising is all gone.

    Dustin - big weekend then, lots of fun for the kids.

    Pammie - very tough in the heat. 10ks are hard!

    RFJ - that's the 2nd fall in 2 days isn't it. Maybe a rest day is called for.

    Sharkie - some of us just don't know how to sprint, but that never stopped me wanting to puke at the end of an event if I put in too much effort. The finishing line in a marathon would do it to me every time, until I started to look everywhere except at the finish line!!

    What: No run - thought I might do the lawns, but didn't even do that, raining all day. Did a bit of knitting for my next grandchild instead.

    Good running everyone.

  • NZC Was it the actual sight of the line that had that effect on you then?
    To be honest I although I always feel sick before my dinky races, that's just nerves and I've never actually chucked up after a sprint either racing or training.

    Some intense reps have left me distinctly queasy but the closest I came to genuinely losing my brekkie was the end of a 4 mile race during my short distance running career. Club handicap and I certainly used to throw everything at it. That was where I suddenly realised I was quite competitve after all.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    LOL NZC - only had a rest day on Fri..... buts its 3 times in 2 weeks after never realy doing it before..... I am starting to wonder why....?
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Evening folks.

    JH - very impressive mileage. Keep it up image

    AF - 2m @ 20s < MP. You may be even more slow twitch than me! image

    AB - all progress is good progress. Keep it up.

    TmR - re: blood tests. At a guess, red and white blood cell counts (iirc white blood cell level will indicate if there is still an underlying (viral) problem), iron haemo and ferritin, folate/b12. If you can just get everything. Better too much info than too little. Nice day's work today btw.

    NZC - sounds like you raced it well. Nice one!

    PH - well done on not caving in to the hill!

    alehouse - hope things pick up and that the injections do their job. Fingers crossed.

    Dustin - sounds like you've had your hands full. I'm tired just reading all of that!

    Pammie - looks like you put in some good effort there!

    RFJ - ouch. You haven't tweaked your ankle or something - maybe something small putting you off balance?

    Rounded up my best day's training since Edinburgh with bringing Mrs TT & TT jr out for a meal with the my Edinburgh winnings. Cracking day all around and I'm starting to feel more like myself again. Finally! image

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