Correcting hip rotation- methods?

Hi chaps,

 Just been to the excellent fellows at Sweatshop Maidstone and got myself fitted up for a new pair of trainers, having reviewed all the slo-mo camera footage of my legs etc.

 One thing the lad pointed out was that I over-rotated my hips causing my legs to end up very 'underneath' me (sounds strange to say) and my feet out at a slight angle ("10 to 2" position). All not noticeable normally but very apparent on the cameras. 

 Anyone know of any training methods, or stretches to help correct my technique? Many thanks



  • I am doing this on my right leg be good if someone could help
  • Could be any number of reasons - possiblly big toe could be stiff, hip could lack internal rotation, hip flexors may be tight, foot might go through late pronation .

    Need to get it checked by someone who understands the biomechanics of running and how to correct it.
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