BAF Rules

As a relative beginner having done a couple of 10Ks in the last two years and being about to undertake a third I wanted to check something out.

Is there anything in BAF rules that says I can't wear either
a heart rate Monitor;or
a walkman
during a race.

Apologies for not trying to track down the Rules themselves - I guess this is something plenty of people already know.




  • Hi Dave - sorry I can't answer your question, but it really made me think! I'm extremely new to this running game and I recently ran a 5k race whilst happily listening to my walkman - without a even a thought that it may not be allowed!! (although no-one told me otherwise!)

    I shall be interested to see the responses - hope you get the answer that you want!


  • The rules state that you can't use a heart rate monitor for races of 10km or under - no mention is made specifically of Walkmans, but i suppose if you had a tape of encouragement playing in your ears it could be classed as 'assistance'!
  • Anyone know if the same applies to spedometers?
  • I think they are going to have to re-write the rules with all these new gizmos coming on the market!!
    The only mention of electronic distance measurement (speedometers?) i can find in the rule book is for field events - for how far javelins etc are thrown.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    It may be against the rules, but unless you were contending for a top 10 place, I doubt anyone would make an issue of it. I've seen quite a few people using them in races and they don't seem to get puled up for it. Then again, I'm usually at then back!

    Ax - I think you should get the prize for the cute-est picture. Awww, sweet.
  • Taken at Warwick Castle a couple months back - the doggy in question belongs to a chirpy little nine-year-old friend of mine who's much cuter than the pup (: (and who incidentally had her birthday last Saturday - we went ice-skating, and I went for a run that same afternoon. Not a sequence of activities I would ever do again! I'm going to have to rest my knee at least a week before I run on it again. Fortunately I also have a bike)
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