Bielby/Pocklington running routes

Hi folks, I am going to be spending a few weeks off and on in a caravan in Bielby nr York but am new to the area and have only done a few runs there which mainly consisted of very busy main Bridlington roadimage. I am training for a marathon this summer so need some good running routes in the 12 to 20 mile range. Does anyone in the area have any thoughts as to where I could run?




  • try garmin connect website. If you type in a postcode generaly someone will have uploaded a course they have run for you to download onto your garmin device. Or simply follow  there route manualy.
  • I'll guess that you will be at Lakeside Lodges, i live 4 miles away from there. If you want some easy distance from there, go through Melbourne and all the way to the railway level crossing on the outskirts of Howden and back.

    Check out on a map there are various runs through little  villages and also the  canal path from Bielby  to Pocklington, whatever you do keep off the A1079 its far too dangerous.

    To lakeside i reckon its about 12 miles both ways and the beauty of it, with out and back you can leave water at various intervals and no need to carry.

    Enjoy the scenery.


  • Cheers to you both for info, very helpful. Caravan is at Lakeside Fishing place, we bought it in haste in Feb. without researching the area so am a bit clueless about where I am really! It is beautiful around there, if a trifle flat when training for Snowdon Marathon but can intersperse Bielby with Peak District hills! If you have any other little gems OT, i would like to hear about them. You are soooo right about that road, I dont think I've ever come across such a fast road esp. on Saturday evenings when loony racers are out!

    Thanks again

    Brer Rabbit

  • Another run from Lakeside is in the other direction down to Hayton and across the A1079 only to Nunburnholme, round to Kilnwick Percy then Millington, Pocklington, Allerthorpe and back to Lakeside. Again about 12 to 13 miles but with hills this time and beautiful scenery.

    Local running club meets at Pocklington Rugby Club on Wednesdays at 6.30 pm visitors are always made welcome.

  • Oh cheers for that OT, could I just turn up on  a wednesday then? That would be really great. Have looked at map for both routes and your info is really helpful. I'm going to try the Hayton one on Saturday, all being well.

    Brer Rabbit

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