Stop Watch for Coaching

Hubby does some coaching at the running club and is after a suitable stop watch - any ideas?



  • I use the one on my phone!

     Sounds daft but I never lose it or forget to bring it with me

  • he's after something that he can time multiple runners on
  • You can do multiple splits on most phone stopwatches these days.

    Failing that I wouldn't spend too much as the likelyhood of it getting broken, lost or 'borrowed' by another coach and never returned are quite high.  Most come with 20-30 split timing which should be more than enough for coaching.

  • I got roped into being a time keeper for my clubs junior section. Tried my phone and found it worked but you can not see it in bright sunlight which is kind of a problem when you are track side.

    I brought a Digitime 2000 from Up and Running and it is brilliant. Will store 2000 split times and you can save the data. Therefore, you can time several races one after the other and keep all the times.

    It also has a port on it so you can connect it to a PC or printer and download the times you have saved. I

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