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Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
The Ashtead 10k and 2k fun run 2009 will take place on 20 September, organised by Ashtead Running Group, with the kind permission of the Corporation of London, Ashtead Common.

The race will have a brand-new course for 2009, using much wider paths and bridleways, with fewer turns and with many more views (previously you couldn't see the wood for the trees). The course is still still much much 'undulating' with a couple of surprising little hills thrown in - teasing rather than testing, shall we say. We expect the previous course record to be smashed. The first and last km will test the toughest of ankles.

To keep to the 10k distance, the triangular first circuit of the field has been abandoned (boo-hoo, since the spectators liked that), but spectators can easily see the runners at half way with a shady five minute walk to the half way point.

Course marking (especially distance markers) should be greatly improved, and marshaling should be 'robust' in 2009. Same nice goodies at the end for all runners.

The children's 2km fun run will be on the same course as always - and as usual with fabulous goodies for the kids at the end (subsidised by the main race).

The race made over £1000 for local charities in 2008, and is very likely to sell-out before race day in 2009 (maximum of 200 runners allowed on the National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Anyone interested?



  • I've signed up and am looking forward to my second ever 10k race, especially as it's my local training ground...
  • Dr RobertDr Robert ✭✭✭
    16 of us went and ran the new course last night - it IS fast, but also very pleasant (with a few 'hills'), with views and shady bits (and some challenging terrain underfoot).

    I did 41:28, compared to a recent PB of 40:06 (Leatherhead Fire Station 10k 2008), suggesting that this is maybe only 3.5% slower than that well-known PB course. One of us running last night got a PB by about 2 minutes.

    Before you ask, it was measured by four GPSs of different makes.

    So this is potentially a very fast course! (Doesn't make it any easier!).
  • I'm in for this thanks dr rob. my rough estimate is that the course will be 2-3 mins faster at the sharp end. will the kid's funrun again take place during the grown-up's event?
  • Recently completed only my 2nd ever 10k race - Cranleigh 10k.

    Does anyone know if this is more or less "undulating" than that course as it really tested an amateur like me!!

  • Peter, as a fellow novice and having attempted and failed in the Tuesday night test the course (tweeked my hamstring) i'd say it slightly tougher underfoot than Cranleigh (which was my first ever race).

     I run in the commom and am getting used ot the varing underfoot conditions. 

     It's a good course though and i'm looking forward to it.

  • Marcus - thanks for the info.

    I don't mind admitting that the hills in Cranleigh really stumped me - especially that one just after the farm at about 6.5km!!

    My first was Brookwood - which was nice and flat - so I think you're very brave!!

    I have access to a running track so I have been training on that but I guess I'll have to branch out to some roads and surrounding areas with hills!

    Plenty of time so I think I might just register for this.

  • Peter

     i would say there is not a hill like like that one, much more stretched out gradient. 

     Where are you based, am trying to find a track to do some sprint/interval training, looks like a local school may be the only option. 

    get registered, should be a good day.

  • I'm in Shalford but the wife goes to the gym in Guildford so I use the track at the Spectrum - which is usually open and only used at certain times for certain things - and even then they don't seem to object to me using lane 1 to do laps (they probably presume that I've paid!)

    I have tried running the road around the outside of Stoke Park - but I can't say I've taken to it.

  • I'm in and will be bringing my 18 yr old neighbour.

    It is my first race in about 3 years and her first race full stop. I run in Epsom common but I will be expanding my running area to get to grips with the undulations.

     Is there a race map posted somewhere?

    Looking forward but a bit nervous


  • Josie

    If you can get along to Ashtead Running group one week I'm sure we could take you round the course.  argwebsite

  • That's my birthday and I know I won't be doing anything else and hopefully I'll be injury free by then so I may be up for this one !!
  • Awww Greeny, we can always go to the pub to celebrate after if your up for it?

    How are the hobbly bits?

  • Hey HC - Ran last week was fine - ran weekend and wasn't image

    Going away for a couple of weeks followed by a few days up north so I'm hopeful that I'll be ok by September - have pulled out of my ultra again for the second time.  Lurker has let me defer again so hopefully 3rd time lucky next year.

    I don't talk about my birthday last year image

  • Dr Rob

     I'm in, but just to check, is the halfway point still at the end of Overdale Road?

  • Hi All, Just posted up on the web site our new confirmed race route, courtesy Corporation of the City of London, Ashtead Rangers Office (thanks guys!). The route starts and finishes in the same place as last year, but otherwise is all different. There will NOT be a circuit of the field as at previous years - you just canter down from the start to the corner of the field and then off you go. The first km is all gently up, on rough ground, with plenty of twists and turns, and then there is a steep hill down to what we call the Star turn (because it is handy for the Star pub). Then there is the classic 'roller coaster' top section of the course, with the woods on your right, and open fields and nice views to your left. This section is undulating. Finally (as the field on your left comes to an end) you take a right hand turn off the bridleway and onto a rough and boggy footpath (deep joy!) for about 200m until you come back out onto another bridleway. Canter up and mostly down here for another 1km until you come to the first right hand turn (it's mostly flat/down hill here until the half way point and water station). Reverse your course, keeping left at all times and giving way to faster runners. The hills you came down on your way out will become more obvious on your way back. Finish with style and elation, to the plaudits of your family and friends!
  • Hi Steve, yes, it will be considerably faster than last year (I would imagine that there might be two or three going under 38 mins): you will be able to stretch your legs on this one. (I did 41:16 on our group race a few weeks back, compared to my recent PB of 40.06, so it is fast enough). The only thing to watch for is the rough ground in the last 1km (oh, and horses and cyclists, but we shall do our best to try and re-route them). Should be OK. Good luck!
  • tx rob. i ran the course a couple of days ago and would say it is all pretty fast underfoot, apart from the bumpiness of the initial climb and final descent. The lack of much mud or sharp turns or narrow sections should make it faster and also much less congested in the tricky bits. i've got the small matter of the Badger 1/2m next weekend to get through first, but i'm absolutely raring to go now!

  • did anyone do the "hillcrest 10k" this year? how does this course compare to that?

    if i do this it saves me  travelling down to Brighton (petrol cos  "v" pb potential !!!)

     i have also done Cranleigh (twice) and know of the "hill" you speak of,if this is no worse than that,i have nothing to worry about!!!

  • Hi: On a cold day this would be thought of as 'undulating' rather than hilly.

    There are only 30 places left in the 10k - once they have been filled, I'm afraid that's it (no waiting list, no entries on the day - we have a maximum number of runners, and can't go beyond that).

    There are still about 40 places in the 2k.
  • Can anyone confirm where the route map is? From the description I think I've walked this route a 1000 times (especially the Star but (!!) - but never broken into a trot. My last distance race was the New York Marathon in 1982 so wish me luck !!
  • Hi Jon

    Map is available on the Trionium website here image

  • This is my first ever 10k, so a little apprehensive, but greatly looking forward to it....
  • Weather looks OK - a bit of rain on Saturday to soften up the going underfoot, and then dry on Sunday. Perfecto!
  • Is it still possible to enter the Ashtead 10K? I'm quite a newbie to running, done a few 5Ks and training runs of over 10K, thought this would be good to enter, although it's short notice now maybe I can't.
  • Dr Rob

     Would you recommend normal road shoes or trail shoes for this one?

     Thanks, Justin

  • i think normal road shoes would be best. other than the first k and the last k, the course is mainly on very firm well surfaced bridleways
  • Thanks Steve. Road shoes it is!
  • io knew i should have entered when i 1st looked at this race!!!!!

  • If you turn up with £15 in your hand, I am sure that we won't turn you away. Rob - organiser.

    Looks like it's going to be a nice day for it!
  • Well, it was a nice day!

    Photos are up on - as well as results (make sure you refresh your browser window!)
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