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Silly question probably, but on training plans when it says eg. 4 x 400m, does that mean 4 fast intervals of 400 metres, with rest in between each one?




  • Hi Domm, first you warm up throughly by jogging a mile or so. Then you do your intervals, if you know what pace you normally run at, try to run 20 to 30 secs per mile faster, there is not need to sprint as fast as you can. Each 400 interval is best done in about the same time. After each interval don't stop immediately but slowly jog or walk to recover before doing the next one. Once you have done your intervals cool down by jogging slowly and then walking.
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    This sort of training language confuses me too (although I am easily confused I admit). How do I know how far 400 metres is? Would I be better doing time-based intervals rather than distance-based ones? Does it matter? As a plodder and having only done 1 race before (last year's R4L) I'm not sure what my "5k" or "10k" pace would be - still just concentrating on getting round the thing without dying!
  • There are training plans that base the speed sessions on time rather than distance which is what i'm following now. Have a look at the 5km training plans on this site Fiona. For instance tomorrow i should be doing 4 sets of 90 secs brisk running with 2.5 minutes recoveries. its a lot easy to follow when you're not using a treadmill (like me)!
  • Thanks all, for your your responses - that does help. I think the time-based intervals will be much easier to work ou. So, in terms of how hard to work, should it be beyond conversational levels? I find it hard to work out how hard I am working, if you know what I mean!!
  • like Jane M said just run slightly faster than you do at the moment so rather than being able to hold a conversation, you can only just speak odd words etc. Then recover til you can hole a conversation and repeat!
  • for 400m intervals I probably wouldn't be chatting - maybe the odd gasp, especially just towards the end.
    Once you've done one session you'll be able to gauge your speed alot better.
    Try to aim for each interval to be run at about the same speed/time though.

    Intervals aren't pleasant until you've finished the session (when you can feel quite rightly v.pleased with yourself and your efforts), but they really do help your speed to improve.

  • I tend to make the most of speed sessions and do them by myself. In that respect, i'm not required to hold a conversation, which is a good thing as I've been close to chucking up at the end of a really tough session.

    It is hard work but it does work!
  • I'm the same, speed sessions are best on my own, I run at my pace.
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