Cheap Overseas Running Trip

Currently my club are looking into the possibilities of a cheap overseas running trip for next year – a half marathon or even a full marathon.  

We would want to organise this trip ourselves rather using the nice chaps at 2.09 Events or Purple Patch Tours etc just to keep costs down.  

In the past they have been to Benidorm – half and full, which I understand went down well.   

Are there anymore cheap overseas events that come recommended?  


  • I've run the half marathon from Pegasus Bridge to Caen in France, which is a great race through fantastic countryside.  There's also a marathon, if that's more your thing and a 10km for those who can't manage a half.  Caen is a great place to visit as the beaches nearby were used on D day so there are loads of museums and exhibitions.  It also worth going to Pegasus Bridge before or after the race as there's a very good museum there.


    The race is in June.  Here's this year's website.

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    M.ister W - Thanks, that looks great. One of oldest runners, early 70`s I think, was in the army. This year he ran the FLM in just over 6 hours so I`m sure he would be up for this one.  

  • We go to Almeria (Southern Spain) for the half marathon (and 10K) every year. It falls on the last weekend of January, which is a great opportunity to escape the British winter.

    The half marathon goes through the town and along the seafront, ending up in the smart Almeria La Liga football stadium.

    It's the best value race you will ever enter. For about £5 entry, you get a pre-race meal, teeshirt, and amazing goody bag. 

    Drop me a mail if you want to know more.

  • I've done Prague and Vienna halfs, cheap Easy Jet flights and budget hotels.  Loved both.  Was supposed to do Barcellona earlier this year but the flight was snowed off image

  • I  do Malta half marathon most years,next year,s is on 26th February there is a full as well as the half.I travel with Chevron air holidays and can normally get a week,s half board for about £250.It,s best to stay in Sliema as the buses for the start leave from there and the races finish on the sea front so you won,t have far to walk to your hotel.

  • Mr. K. wrote (see)

    We would want to organise this trip ourselves rather using the nice chaps at 2.09 Events or Purple Patch Tours etc just to keep costs down.  

    and chapettes  image

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭


    The Pegasus Bridge half would be ideal for Dennis.

  • Ya cant beat Dublin (half m or full m or selected others!)  - Ryanair, Jurys Lodge to stay (or selected others - plenty cheap at the moment), Expensive beer and food though!!
  • There's the 10 and 20km du Touquet every August.

    Le Touquet, nice seaside town just the other side of the channel, choice of 10k or 20k.

    It's held in the afternoon, on the Saturday, and you can do it as a day trip, or stay overnight at the Ibis or similar.

    Ferry crossing to Boulougne or Calais, €10 (on-line) entry to either, and a technical t-shirt - bargain!

  • Majorca, marathon, half marathon and 10k December, i think also that Palma has it's own marathon, half and 10k in October.
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    Wilkie, where can I find info on the Le Touquet 10/20k?  Tried googling it but didn't come up with anything and I'm quite interested.  Ta.
  • Mister W, the Pegasus Bridge half looks fab - hope to do it in 2010.  OH and I did a cycling holiday through and around that area and we loved it.   + it was so easy and cheap taking our bikes on the train and ferry from Bristol. image
  • Mr.K please keep me updated on any developments!!image

  • anything else to add to the list?
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    I ran in the Lanzarote (Teguise) Half in December (€20), the full marathon was only €25 & you got loads of food & drink afterwards + a medal & tech t-shirt.

    I will make a decision on the Le Marathon de la Liberte (Pegasus Bridge run) in a couple of weeks. 

  •  I believe that a doctor's note is required for Fench marathons. Does anyone know if they are also needed for half-marathons?
  • Technically this is overseas for most of you. Also happens to be on my doorstep.

    Fantastiv event

    Causeway Coast Marathon
  • plodder,all races no matter what distance.
  • roy silver wrote (see)
    plodder,all races no matter what distance.
     Thanks Roy.
  • RunningCrazy do tours to lots of places with races and cheap flights so you could see where they go to - although having done Malta with their groups twice my own inclination would be to book with them rather than make the arrangements myself as they did a bloody good job of making sure you had a really great time and had nothing to worry about but the race itself.

    Otherwise - The Berlin 25k is in May iirc and there are cheapish flights there and you can keep down accommodation costs by renting flats and sharing for a few days rather than booking hotels. It starts and finishes at the stadium and goes through the Brandenburg gate so routewise is a bit like a baby Berlin Marathon. But the support is quiet, it's not the big deal the marathon is.

    Otherwise perhaps somewhere in eastern europe ? e.g the Poznan half is £9, flights from Luton £92 return, hostel accommodation from £10 a night (a clubmate ran the Poznan marathon last year so I just looked this all up now as a random example).
  • I live near Brussels. There was a 10K race the week before Christmas and 25 runners from Blackheath & Bromley turned up and took away a few prizes. Great race underneath the Atomium monument.

    The Brussels Marathon and Half Marathon are in the first week or so of October, are easy to get into, very keenly priced and there's approx. 3,000 in the full mara and about 7,500 in the HM. Brussels is just two hours drive from Calais (motorways the whole way) plus we have fantastic beer and cuisine over here. Or 2h20m from London on the Eurostar.

    The city also copes very well with people who can't speak French or Dutch but are stuck on English, which might be an issue if you go a bit deeper into the continent.

  • Fido and tricky cheers for these tips really fancy going to Berlin and won't be ready for marathon so may do October.brussells also sounds great excuse to get away and see the place.
    Heard caen is quite good.may plump for that.
    Did Kampala a in November a few years ago but wimped out of the marathon to do the 10k.was brilliant to be so close to some really quick Kenyans (though only on the start line)
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