You'd think the police would know better...

 I hate to hear of incidents like this, which could so easily be avoided if people think before leaving their dogs in a hot car, even for a few minutes.



  • Pretty unimpressive when you read that they had put out a request for more dogs only last year.

    I see that the maximum sentence is 6 months in prison and £20,000 fine, don't suppose that will be imposed.................

  • Oh dear God that's awful! Those poor dogs!
  • But sheer stupidity should also be a chargeable offense. Besides, most dogs that die are from sheer stupidity.

    I think there should be a harsher offense for morons.

    I love German Shepherds too - them and Jack Russells are my fav
  • The biggest problem with Jack Russell's is that you really have to train them properly. If you don't, they can be really difficult.

    They can be the most beautiful dogs in the world if they have people who really understand them.

  • Those poor dogs must have suffered dreadfully before they died.  Stupidity of that level has to be criminal, I totally agree with you, PO.

  • Should be sacked at least.
  • At least they won't be able to savage any small children now.
  • And stupid comment of the week goes to Lardarse image


    When did you last hear of a trained police dog savaging a small child?

  • We dont know the full circumstances yet do we ? Arent police dogs kept in airconditioned vans ? Its not like they just bung them on the back seat of the panda is it ? Maybe the AC bust ?

    Do we still have panda cars ? If not - why not ? I like them.
  • I was absolutely horrified! German shepherds are lovely and intelligent when raised properly, and they have lovely eyes.
  • It says in the article that they were left in a "private vehicle" so yes, they were just shut in some idiot's car.
  • I'm completely baffled by this TBH

    I've spoken to police dog handlers at the vets and my OH comes into contact with them regularly as he's in the BTP. They absolutley adore their jobs and their canine colleagues and are the last people in the world you'd expect to be so careless with an animal.

    I'd be very interested to find out what happened.

  • Me too, scream.

    I can't imagine the circumstances that would lead to a dog handler leaving the dogs in the car. As you say, care of their dogs is usually their absolute priority.

  • Aww, that's sweet KK
  • Although i'm not a dog handler i have worked with and know a lot of them in the Met, they are all saddend and amazed that this could happen, the fact it was in a private car leads me to think it was the handlers own vehicle at the nick, most of our dog vans have very very basic A/C.

    If this was an accident ( i hope this was) then the handlers will be in bits as they do honestly love there dogs and value them above themselves, then it's the most tragic thing i have ever heard.

    To put it in perspective during this morning's early turn in East London I had the pleasure of breaking a window on a very expensive BMWw because a lady had decided she could leave her kid (asleep when she left him) in a child seat with the doors locked and the windows shut while she went shopping. She also failed to see why when she returned to see her child being checked over by a paramedic and her car now had free air con, Naturally she has complained to my Inspector about my actions.

    People just don't think it's that hot

  • What's the difference between a GSD and an alsation? Sorry for thick question image I like the long-haired ones - whichever they are.

    I'm house-sitting at the moment and have full responsibility of a gorgeous black hunting lab - but by, can he fart! image

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    There is no difference, Siance, lookee here
  • the only thing Labradors hunt are scraps   image

    As Flatfoot says ...  most dog handlers are there because they want to be and thier 'crew mates' are just that,  we dont know the full circs but it takes less than 10 minutes for a dog to cook in a car and however quick you think you are going to be its never quick enough to leave a dog in the car.

    Most of our dog vans do have aircon but they are unreliable and (I think) need the engine on to work.

    Most of ours van share so its quite normal for them to go to work in private cars before switching to the van

    None the less a very sad story.
  • can't believe someone left a sleeping child in the car and went shopping....................unbelievable...image
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    M.ister W wrote (see

    And stupid comment of the week goes to Lardarse image

    When did you last hear of a trained police dog savaging a small child?

    Only kidding it's very rare.   You'd hope the person(s) responsible will be punished to some extent but whilst it's a stupid thing to let happen I'm sure most of us have done stupid things (possibly without such consequences) at some time.  
  • Sure there was a case in the States last year,  when 2 toddlers died left in a car.,,2-10-1462_2156828,00.html
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