week six



  • Thanks a lot for this. The comments also motivated me to do the running. Will start next Sunday and I hope I can make it til the 8th week. image

  • Hi all,
             Just found your site while looking on the nett for a running program, and yours seems the easiest I can find, but at 49 years young and 97kg's never done any exercise since I left school, I can not even do yours,
             But having just gone through major surgery for prostate cancer in January this year I am determined to do the great north run and raise funds for the prostate charity,
            I have started walking 50 paces and jogging 50 paces, I can do this for 0.4 of a mile only, at the moment, and I am doing it every other day, I have up until September to get fit and up to speed. I will be at Newcastle for the run in September, may see you their.
  • Hey Mick,

    Good for you!  Hope you're feeling ok and taking it nice and easy!  I've been away from running for about 3 years now and am just starting to ease back into it very slowly by walking loads.  I have a knee injury (which pales into insignificance after what you've been through!) which means I'm going to have to take it very carefully (my osteopath blanches every time I mention running) and extremely slowly, so I'll be thinking of you while I'm out walking. I remember when I first started running (some fool entered me for the Race for Life) three years ago, I could manage about 30 seconds of running before I thought I'd have a heart attack, but after 6 weeks I was running for 30 minutes without a problem! Amazing!  I expect to be much slower this time round, but hopefully I'll get there and so will you.  You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best!

  • Going to start this on Monday! Signed up for a Half-Marathon on the 34th October and have done no training what-so-ever. I'm not really unfit though, so I'm going to start at week 3 and see how I go from there. Then I'm using the following guide to get into shape for October once I can run 30 minutes continuously.


  • 34th October?  Lol is that on Venus?
  • Woops, 24th October image

    Going well so far, about to pop out for my first 'run 5, walk 2' session.

  • I am really enjoying this programme. I started training in march after seeing some people doing the Reading Half that I thought to myself "If they can do it...I could do that." I was however 23 1/2 stone so a bit of a hurdle lol.

    I have a rowing machine so 10 mins on level 1 and being knackered built up to 10k in 40 mins on level 7 of 8 and weight dropping to 20 stone. I started the 8 week plan at 19st 7 at the start of July and thought I was going to die in the first week but plodded on and built up the mins following the routine. I found a park where hardly anyone goes and is on grass so my joints can get used to the workout...more effort required but less impact.

    I'm starting the 30 min runs next and after that will be roadwork of 2x 20min/2x23min...up to 2x 45 min whenevr that is lol.

    If you are doing this programme then keep it up. You will have good days and bad, but some will be excellent!

    I'm now 18st 6 and dropping 2-3lbs a week healthily and feel more alive than ever....it is soooooooo worth it (",) 

  • Well done Hypermonkey, congratulations on the weigtloss and running.  I started a beginners programme in April and can now run 4 miles continuosly (albeit very slowly), and have lost 2 stone.  I want to do the Reading Half next year too - might see you there!
  • Well done to you to...it's a great feeling isn't it (",)

    I've still got a long way to go until the half...but still going lol.

    I'm doing the Run 10k at Blenhiem on the 26th Sept and the 30 min run and increases recommended  wouldn't get me to the level I needed so am continuing to increase my mins, 18 run with a minute recovery (x2) this week, 21 (x2) next, 24 (x2). 27 (x2), and 30 (x2) on the week of the run. This hopefully will be enough to get me round.

    From then I think I can look at 45, 55, 1hour runs and increase. I run at 6mph solidly atm so will look at the more advanced plans later.

    Keep it up...it's well worth the pain (",) 

  • Hello people!

     8 weeks ago I was a smoking, overweight couch potato.

    I just landed in week 8 and did my first 30 min run today. Woohoo! However, I've noticed that I jogg rather than run. I do about 4K in 30 mins and if I run faster I would not make it to the end of the 30 mins. My goal is to run a half marathon in may 2011 and I don't care how long it takes me, I just want to finish it, without having to walk parts of it. 

     My questions (considering the next step):

    Should I train towards a bit more speed (since my pace seems to be very slow compared to others) before I go for endurance or should I train towards increasing the amount of time I spend running?  


    The programme speaks of three times a week. Should/can I increase that once I have finished the final week? What about having that one day of rest inbetween?

  • I've just completed the first week of this schedule, I managed to do it, without stopping, which is an achievement as I've not run since school, I'm 42 years old and about 4 stone overweight. I did feel like I was going to collapse at the end of each run, lol, but am looking forward to next week.
  • Hi, I am following the schedule. I finished week seven, but since week six my knees are hurting after I finish running.

    I started resting for two days instead of one, but still the knees hurt for an entire day after I run. Is this normal? I am using running shoes

  • I've decided to do this at 2 weeks each time.

    Now onto week 3 and this almost killed me today, but guess run one in week two did the same and then by the 6th run of that period, I was fine.  So hopefully this 2 weeks will be the same. 

  • Hi!

    I have just started the beginners plan today and I'm feeling sooo tired! Im 23 and ive never run before in my life, but my dad is a marathon runner and he encouraged me to start that sport..Im really motivated now, but just worried that as the weeks go by it gets tougher and I will give up...

    Fingers crossed I won't!

    and good luck to all the beginner!! image

  • Hi i have decided that i need to start running to aid my wieght loss (lost 3st for my wedding July 2009 and have put on 2 stone since) and to ensure i stay yummy for hubby.

    I do have one question, i am recovering from swine flu (just returned to work) when should i start this programme.

     Good luck to you Blu Lagoon fingers crossed too!    

  • Hey. I've just come back from my first run in over a year. I was never any good when I last ran so I gave up! I did just over a mile today, running until I was knackered and then walking for a bit. It wasn't part of any routine, just my attempt at getting round my route. Towards the end, I think I was feeling a bit better.

    I've just seen this training schedule and reckon it looks doable for me. Going by what I did today, It seems pretty well thought out.

    Just wondering how people work out their timings? It always seems to take a lot of concentration for me just to keep running so fiddling around with a stopwatch, checking when to run and when to walk would be pretty frustrating for me, I think.

    How do others do it?

    Cheers! image

  • Hi Lumbar

    I didn't really time myself tonight when i started running again just ran for one track on my MP3 then wlked one.

     hope that is helpfull.

     My first run after 6 months went really well but know suffering achey butt and thighs now. Any tips on how to improve on this?

  • Hey guys, I am 16 years old  and in 2 months I will be 17. I am looking to join the Army but I'm lazy. I think this is what I've been looking for, so starting on monday I will be doing this program. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks for this. image
  • I have been ruuning on a treadmill for 30 mins since last 2 months , but whenever i step out my split sheen hurts more n i lose breath faster than I feel there is severe pian in my tights. In short every part of body pains which I dint realise existed when i was running on treadmill. Does that happen to everyone who steps out to run...or I am not being strong enough. I ran twice out , in a ttempt to start running...but was very dissapointed n let down with all those pains and now back to tread mill. Can some one please help me
  • Hi All,

    I'm pretty new to this! I go to the gym a lot and always active, so have a fairly good level of fitness. I really want to be a runner though! I have started on about week 8, I did 2x8 & 1x10 mins yesterday, then 2x8 & 1x1 mins today. Going to have a break tomorrow and then run on Sunday - what should I run? Any reccomendations? (I know I am doing this alittle off plan!) 

    My ultimate goal this year is to do the Great North run, 1/2 Marathon in September...hope I have long enough to train! 

  • I started this programme last week and I am supposed to do the 2 minutes run and walk 1 minute but I just keep getting out of breath. I am 35, not used to exercise at all but need to get in shape. Any suggetions of breathing?
  • I've done this and it really does work. I started back in February and I now run 7.1K three times a week. I've run one 10K race. I love it! And my BMI is 21.25!
  • Hi,

    I am planning on starting this program on monday. I was just wondering becasue you only run every other day during the week, what other exercise could/should i do to get fit faster??

  • As a beginner - you need to have the rest days in between - trying to speed up the fitness process will likely lead to injury.

    On rest days a bit of stretching or some light weights i.e. toning exercises to strengthen the core are a good investment of time and should help your running.

    It's important to recognise that your cardio vascular system will improve very quickly but the body's muscoskeletal frame takes longer to catch up. Exercise breaks down muscle, rest is needed to allow it to repair and you will get fitter more safely.

    Better to take a steady approach - remain injury free - rather have stop/start frustrations if you hurt yourself.

    Make sure you have invested in the right running shoes for you - better to go to a running store and have proper gait analysis. This will ensure you don't end up hurting yourself eg shin splints etc.
  • Can I just ask, how do you go about timing the minute splits, such as 1 minute jog, 1.5 mins walk.  Do you just count in your head or do you use some kind of stop watch which allows you two different timings?
  • You can get beginners programmes such as the NHS Couch to 5k, which have free podcasts you download to your MP3 player.  The voice over the music tells you when to walk and when to run as well as offering encouragment and advice.  Much easier than keeping your eye on a watch all the time. image
  • Hi ive just started the programme, i cant complete the whole circuit 8 times as yet, im 49 and overweight. joined a slimming club and started this all in the same week. feeling better for it but so ashamed at how unfit i am... will i get there
  • Hi,

    i've been following this program and am currently at week 5.

    Things were going good these past few weeks, and i could see my stamina increase dramatically by following this routine. FYI I'm 24, male and weigh 74 KG.

    However, now, at week 5, My legs hurt after 14-16 minutes and i start to get exhausted.

    All the other weeks were good (initially hard, but manageable and unlike this week). 

    Is there any modification i could do to my food intake that would help ?

    can somebody point me to some exercises (streching before or after) that would probably help in my situation here ?

     Appreaciate you experienced folks' help image

    P.S. i'm a vegetarian.

  • I'm currently on week 1.

    I'm not sure if I'm "doing it wrong", because I'm joggin and not, you know, running. Still much faster than walking but yeah, just wandering if i'm doing it right.

    So far I've done the running sessions on 3 consequtive days, gonna take a break tomorrow and do one more on saturday before moving onto week 2.

     Just a question, is it bad if i take over 90s break if i do some of the running intervals up hill? 


    any ideas??? <img title="" src="http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif" alt="" /> Please help.


    im struggling to get even to week two on this plan. I can run up to 20k on an eliptical machine but on a treadmill or in the outdoors i cant get past a few hundred metres due to my asthma, it becomes unbearably painful to breathe and i start to get dizzy, but this doesnt happen as badly on the eliptical machine. any idea why?

    Also i started running last week and ran 5 days in a row, pushed myself to my absolute limit and on my rest day iv been having stabbing pains in my chest an random spots behind all my ribs and my ribs at the bottom on the sides and in the centre are very saw and a little swollen they hurt to be touched and when i breathe .... are these things normal or cause for concern?

    Also when i tried to run on pavement rather than grass i got pains in my toe joints, ankles, knees and hips with each stride as my foot hit the pavement .... is this normal? will it improve? is there anything i can do to prevent it?

    FYI just incase it is relevant, at the moment i am doing a dynamic stretching routine before my runs that i found on this site and after i do static stretches i remember from school and dance class ....

    I would really appreciate your help as running is the only excercise that really feels like a release for me and the only thing that has given me any real weight loss results other than dancing (which i refuse to because i have no body confidence and dont want to be seen in public dancing) so i dont want to have to give it up. im 162cm and 64 kg so im not overweight enough for it to cause issues like these as far as i know.


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