week six



  • when i started the program i can honestly say i never thought i would get past week one. i'm now onto week 8and really enjoying running. so for anyone just starting, it does get easier as you go, just follow the schedule.
  • Just wanted to say thanks a lot for this schedule. It has helped me to be able to run 5k without having to stop for rest. 

    Just to note I did not completely follow the schedule. I started at week 3 and smeared week 4 and 5 out over 3-4 weeks. I liked the 5/8 min intervals. After that I skipped week 6 and did week 7 for only 1 run. Then I could do the full 30 minutes continuously. It was not an easy 6-7 weeks but totally worth the effort!

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    Good work Bart!

    I'm not sure anyone has ever followed one of those training programmes religiously anyway. Illness, holiday and real life often overtake us - and perhaps sometimes we feel we need to repeat a week or even skip one.

    Everyone is different and develops at their own pace.

  • Hi all. I've just returned to running after a five year absence. Work has been manic but so has my weight gain!

    I started this at week four but repeated week five as I couldn't fit then three runs in. Week 6 was hard at first and my legs were aching when I did my first run of week 7 today.

    I've always trusted these schedules and they've got me through 4 10k, 3 half marathons and 2 marathons.

    I can't believe how my fitness has plummeted after just 5 years.

    I'm starting to feel like a runner again. Thank you RW

  • I'm up to week 4 running at gym on treadmill but can only manage a speed 7.5kph should I be able to run at a faster speed or is this ok for a complete beginner?

  • Hello all, I'm on week 5 of this programme now & reading all the other comments think I may have made a bit of a schoolboy error. I've assumed that I should run/walk the times as described (e.g. Run 8 mins, walk 2 mins for week 5) THEN repeat this 3 times (as described for week 5) making a total of 4 lots of 8 mins running / 2 mins walking. Am I wrong & the repeat figure is the TOTAL amount of running/walking for each week? It would certainly make things easier!

  • I am loving this beginners training plan and i am starting to do it. Although as the plan consists of running 3 times per week i am wondering in the days between i would be able to do squat challenges, ab exercises, upper body (strength and body toning workouts). Do u think thats a good idea?

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