Sudden onset painful clicking joints

I dont know if anyone can help but about 6 weeks ago, literally overnight all my joints became painful and started clicking (not a single joint of mine has ever clicked before). The noise is so loud people keep commenting on it. The worst are my wrists, fingers, shoulders, elbows, lower back, left hip and ankles. I went to the doctors cos the pain was so bad one day I couldnt swim 10 lengths in the pool. She tested for inflammatory disease, ie reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis but all came back negative.

 It doesnt seem to get worse with exercise, in fact it hurts the most when resting.

 I have always taken joint supplements so I know I am not lacking in that department.

 It feels like someone has stolen all the fluid from my joints and the bones are scraping!?!

 I have had to severely curtail my exercise regime as my shoulders cant take the press ups and hip can't take the running. Unfortunately I am not happy to settle with the doctors "one of those mysteries, take ibuprofen" diagnosis.

 Any help greatly appreciated, there is nothing more I can research on the internet but its just not going away!!


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    get your GP to refer you to a orthopaedic specialist as frankly "one of those things" is an insufficent diagnosis imho.....
  • Hello, I am from Ausrtralia........I have the EXACT day, suddenly, I developed aching & clicking joints all over.

    Its strange, two weeks prior to this happening I began running.........this may have started the problem !

    Did you end up fixing your problem ???????
  • Thanks for your post. Sadly after further detailed investigation with a rheumatologist, they have identified that i have Psoriatic Arthritis, which does not show up on blood tests but has other markers such as nail pitting which I have. I am on very strong medication which helps but will probably never cure it. I am hoping that as it came on so suddenly it may just go as quickly, but I doubt it.

    Am sorry to hear you have had similar symptoms, if you think running might have triggered it, i would definitely try one of the many supplements that are available for sporting people to help keep their joints working smoothly, some people swear by them.

    If anything works please do let me know, it may help me as i still crack and click all over the place.

  • Oh dear, am sorry to hear that you are suffering, it certainly sounds like you might have something wrong. Have you ever suffered from psoriasis tho, as most (but not all) cases it occurs in people with psoriasis. I just got referred to my local hospital, but what your consultant said is rubbish. You dont have to have joint damage to have arthritis. The joint damage is caused by long term inflamation and as your illness is new you probably wouldnt have any damage yet. And the inflamation is controlled by medication so very important to get that sorted early on. Def worth pushing to see another consultant.

  • can anyone help i, like you guys previous, have a painful knee that feels spongy and i need to click to walk properly but it is quite a strong click. i have ran for 22 years and literally woke up with this. i am baffled as i had no injury as far as i know. i have not ran or cycled for nearly 3 weeks and am just doing weights and will go to the docs next week but if anyone has had this please let me know what you did (its sods law i have just got over a hysterectomy and my running was getting back to the 30 miles a week !!!!)


  • I too have PS and used to run. I see you were diagnosed some time ago and wondered how you are getting on. the salsasaasinepain is bearable for me with meth and sulfasalasine but sometimes wonder if it is worth it feeling so dodgy at times. I have not been able to run since developing PS in May 2012 and wondered if you have been able to run.

  • I just developed this about 8 weeks ago and all my tests come back normal, and my rheumatologist doesn't know what the clicking is from either. My EXACT same points click/ pop as well- my wrists, fingers, shoulders, elbows, lower back, left hip and ankles! Do you know which tests your doctor ran to help come to a diagnosis?

    Thank you for any help!
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