Fantasy TDF 2009

Having seen the Eurosport version, it look far more complicated than last year's, so I've followed the "Funkins" to Cycling Fever, and set up a PSOF group so there is a TDF Pirates Fantasy league...

There is a time limit for registering though, so act quickly if you want to join!


  • Don't forget to join the PSOF group KK.

    (Oh, and 16% btw - cba to post again on the other thread!)

  • Did I miss the time limit? I tried to join this morning image
  • You're in Mrs F image
  • Haha!  I cocked up big time today on my selection but TBH I don't care as long as Cav won image  I swear my shouting at the telly helps, even though it was Sky+ I was watching it on...

    Also cocked up by confusing Gerdeman and Ciolek...thought Ciolek was the mountain goat not the sprinter.  Serves me right I guess....

    Bring on the bunch sprint tomorrow I say!

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