Notfast Open 10K

Did this one a few years back. I can't really remember what the course is like, but I did recall that there was one climb of note. Quick look at gmap jogged my memory image

Notice it's the County Champs 10k this year.

See you there!


  • The climb is only 300 meters long (yes I am a sad person for measuring it). image

    It's followed by a nice downhill though.

  • hello mmmm....marmite and muzzy

    I'm doing this! First race since FLM and not much training. Thought i'd give it a go and see what shape i'm in!

    Will be happy to break 40mins and hope hamstring behaves it self. It's been causing me grief since the start of the year.

    See you there.

  • TR,
    Be good to see you there. Been a while since we last had a chance to catch up. You've still yet to turn up at one of the Tues evening sessions!!

    Are you going to be there too?

  • Might turn up and offer services as a marshal.
    Unable to run at the moment.
  • Thinking about entering on the day for this. Was supposed to do Manchester 10k last week, but had to pull out, so looking for a fairly fast course to test myself out on.
  • Just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Notfast Club yesterday, my first proper 10K event and loved everyminute of it! Finished in 1hr 7mins which I was happy with and a great T Shirt at the end.

    Been training for 10 weeks after a year of illness and the running bug has bitten me! 

    Now I have found where all the nice people in Newark hide thinking of joining the club (have lived here 4 years and not met many so far!!) 


  • Excellent 10km race. Does anyone know where we can find the results?
  •  If you would like a set of results please e mail me at
  • Marmite - congratulations on your win and becoming Nottinghamshire County 10k champion!!!! image

    Rich O

  • Walterdog

    I will not be thanked for pointing this out but you have the choice of two clubs in Newark, either Notfast or Newark AC. (at the Grove Leisure Centre)

    Both are fantastic clubs, so that makes the choice even harder.
    Good Luck with whoever you decide to go with, hopefully we shall meet in a future race.

  • Thanks for the info Extreme Muzzy, always good to know your options.
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