have just been given my first set of orthitics to correct a knee problem due to something to do with my hip pointing my left foot inwards, but when should i run in them? ive been advised to wear them around the house for a bit first to get used to the feel of them, and have been doing so, but shall i wear them when i run tomorrow ?(probably around 6 miles) i only got them yesterday.cheers for any advise.


  • I wouldn't do a run in them if I was you. I like you have some new orthotics, and at present I am only putting them in my ordinary work shoes to begin with. Personally speaking, I cant run in new orthotics for a few weeks, break them in for a while, then gradually build up your running in them. Long term you will be glad you did.
  • When I got my orthotics my podiatrist was very insistant that I didn't run in them until I was wearing them full time in my 'normal' shoes. I had to wear them for 1 hour on day one, 2 hours on day two etc and even when I was up to 8 hours I had to start with a very gentle walk/run programme which meant I was only 'allowed' to run for a few minutes a day. I am a big-time over-pronator (and a newbie runner) who managed to pick up an injury from the outset (how unlucky am I??) so I am prob not the best person to give advice, but I suggest you ask your podiatrist when is best to be running. ;o)

  • cheers guys.image
  • it can depend on many things, including the type of orthtotic wheter or not you have had support before, body weight, running style etc etc etc.... but one day after getting them is pushing it a bit, normally i recomend whereing for 2-3 hours day 1 and adding 1-2 hours per day, some people can wear an insert all day after only a couple fo days some take 10-14 days....after you are able to wear them for most of the day then a short run 20-30 minutes should be the first run, then build up slowly, no nor than 10% per week just as though you were building up from not running

    all that said, a few years ago i built a set of inserts for a woman at marathon expo (on the saturday) despite being told not to run in them...she ran the marathon then sent me an e mail (i was dreading reading it!!) it said, " thanks for building my inserts at the show on saturday, it was good of you to fit me in at short notice at a busy event.... against your advice i ran the marathon wearing them, i got a PB and to be honest with the niggle i ahve had in my foot for the past 2 weeks i am not sure i would have made it round without them"

     just no telling some folksimage

  • thanks footman, not sure i'd be able to do a marathon in them but will carry on breaking them in gradually for a couple of weeks before attempting anything....
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