Heart Rate Query

I have a pretty low heart rate, around 55 BPM.

 However, after say a half hour of fairly intensive exercise, although my heart rate drops quickly from say 160 BPM back down to under 100 BPM, say within a matter of 2-3 mins, it takes almost 2 hours for it to return back to 60 or below... say between 15 -120 mins after, its still elevated to around 70-75 BPM...

 Is this normal? It seems strange...


  • Perfectly normal Bob.

    You'll typically register your lowest resting heart rate when you first wake in the morning - provided it's a 'gentle' awakening.

  • Bob,

    How old are you?

    If I've done a long run (16-18miles) my heart rate is affected all day. It stays a little higher than normal and rises quickly if I have to do anything strenuous.

    I'm no expert but I think that this is quite normal.

  • hey, thanks for the responses, you've put my mind at ease

     I'm 26, and I'd say I am reasonably fit for my age, tho am improving all the time since giving up my vices...

     U run 18 miles jon?? thats hardcore image

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