Scones and Malt Loaf - Bread or Cake?

As part of my annual fundraiser of two half maras in two weeks (RTTB/Royal Parks) I've pledged to give up the following (to help my weight-loss):

  • Chocolate (any form, including choc chips, hot chocolate, choc cereal)
  • Sweets
  • Crisps
  • Biscuits
  • Cake

Being a complete chocoholic (I wake up thinking about it and have it for breakfast - then 11ses, after lunch, journey home) I've currently lost 9lb in the last month (obviously helped by exercising), however there are some discrepancies in my plan - can you help please?

Scone - bread or cake?
Soreen malf loaf - bread or cake?
Nachos - crisps or corn chips?
Flapjack - health/cereal bar or cake?

Are there other areas I need to consider?


  • Scone - cake
    Soreen malf loaf - bread
    Nachos - crisps or corn chips - depends on the nachos - should be corn chips
    Flapjack - cereal bar but often not very healthy (and certainly the recipe for home made flapjack contains loads of sugar (Not the WW one if there is one)
  • Sorry I think they are all on your banned list. 

  • Maltloaf isn't too bad for you, just dont smother it with butter image

    Would guess that you'd have to give the others a miss.  Cinnamon & raisin bagels are quite nice, and they're fairly low fat

  • Tracy B sorry luv, I agree with Rachel S.

    Bagels too are banned as `A bagel is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough...'

    Step away from them!! image

  • I'm allowed bread image Bagels are bread, not donuts image

    So a scone's a cake? Isn't it bread as you don't put butter on a cake? Chief Scone Scoffer LadySpark would know this image Not worried about scones, but have had 1 or 2 on recent cream teas.. so ban them?!

    Okay.. let's go for the malt loaf question.. is great recovery food after run (just back from High Ongar 10k - not just finished, but just home - it's not a 'health kick' but rather junk food kick. For example.. I'm allowed chips from a chip shop image

  • Dooh!! image sorry didn't read your first post properly...

    How did Ongar go?

    As Chief Scone Scoffer OBE CBE a scone is a cake. No yeast y'see so it is a cake.

    Now interestingly enuf the fruit malt loaf is described on the interweb sometimes as a cake and a bread. So because no one out there has the foggiest lets call it a bread as luvvie you need some treats and it's packed with carbs, sugar and nothing healthy image

    I love it with butter and cheddar cheese.... (trots off to kitchen)

  • You didn't stop me after Horndon image (Have lost 10lbs now due to junk ban image )

    Ongar was hot slow, and chatty with Slow Plodder, but within my PTs half mara training schedule which wanted me to do it in 13min/miles! It worked for my training. Horndon was way better and more enjoyable.

  • Horndon cream tea.... oh don't worry about that no one will know image I'm not gonna tell anyone!

    Well done for yesterday was thinking of you albeit briefly whilst out plodding myself.  

  • Honey Monster Honey Waffles - cereal snack or crisps?

    I could be here forever.... image

  • Scones were in the Bread section with crumpets and rolls in M&S!! They are bread image
  • Scones are definitely cake, not bread
  • Scones are gone then image was only a one-off.. twice, and didn't intentionally break my pledge.

    Do you have a view on the Honey Monster cereal Vicki? I shouldn't buy it for my son any more.. I am buying him ones with choc chips in (lucky him!) to stop me nicking them image

  • Cereal is cereal - just don't go for one loaded with sugar image

    Cornflakes & shredded wheat are my favs at the mo, but I do tend to vary them month to month

  • Am naff with cereal because I binge on those too image as crisps! Hence getting them with choc in as chocs on my banned list.

    Malt loaf it is then image

  • Try it with a little cheddar cheese on top too! image

  • malt loaf and cheese ... what the???

    currant buns (teacakes - it's in the name) but they are in bread rolls section... Cake or Bread?

  • Try it... live dangerously image

    Teacakes are cake. No yeast.

    I'm offski for a week to Cornwall with significant other so catch ya l8r luv image

  • I would have said teacakes were bread, as you can't toast cake, but I could be wrong image

    They're like a less sweet hot-cross-bun 

  • I went to the park with BF at the weekend.. romantic stroll and all that image we had ice-cream.. I gave him the cone.. presuming wafer IS biscuit? or was he conning me for more cone with ice-cream stuck in the middle...? image

    This started off sooooo simple.. but am 11lb down in 5-6 weeks just cutting out stuff from my pledge above image

    Artic role, ice-cream or cake?

    LadyS have a fab time! ooohh Cornish cream tea image

    Vicki : GW you can toast tea cake... so you say if you can toast it, it's bread.. if you can't it's cake?

  • Well you can get teacake loaf too, I would have put it in the bread section.

    I doubt that icecream cones have many calories in them, certainly less than the icecream itself lol.  Arctic Roll, hmm, not sure but it's deffo a desert.

    Lady S - hope you have a lovely time in Cornwall!

  • Morning and yes still not left for Cornwall yet.... don't ask!!

    Anyway V:GW thank you for your holiday wishes. I will leave TB in your capable hands (doffs cap)image

    TB hopefully by the time I'm back you will have gone right through the gastronomic list and be well clued up!!  image 

     Have fun y'all!! image

  • Cone wasn't for calores - for example ice-cream and chips isn't on my don't list (mainly cos I don't binge on those!) - but a wafer's a biscuit?

    Poor V:GW, LadyS, I don't think anyone can cope with me image  GO!! It's your holiday time!!

  • Oatcakes... biscuits or cakes? or healthy crackers?

    Ooooohhh Granola Bars.. latest 'binge' item... whatever they are.. I guess dont buy them image

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