Just done the most stupid thing today.i sett off this morning on a run without my bottle.I usually train anything upto 6 miles without a drink,however on todays route I decided to run a little bit further and seriously underestimated the extra distance.It was hard work and my mouth was like sandpaper.I found myself scouring peoples front gardens for outside taps to drink from, I was getting that desperate.At one point i considered storming into the mormon church and asking for a cup of water,it was only because they were in full song that I didn`t. Anyway I pushed on and made it home 11 miles later.I have since Sipped a couple of glasses of water  with a pinch of salt in them,a mug of tea,and a glass of dandelion and burdoch.


  • That is pretty stupid...but you obviously realise that!  6 mile without a drink is bad!

    Still doesn't dound like you have rehydrated?

  • I'd keep off the d&b until you really are rehydrated.

    And don't do it again. It's not worth it.

  • I think the question really Brad is how well prepared prior to your run were you?
    Not sure what the weather was like for you this morning but where I am it was cool first thing. I ensure that I'm well hydrated prior to a run as I dont take water with me. This mornings run was 13 miles and I feel that this is possibly as far as I like to go without water but just in case I always have a couple of bob in my shorts to nip into a shop and get a drink.
    You can tell how well hydrated you are by the colour of your pee, the darker it is, the more fluid you need.

  • erm...I don't think it really warrants such a panic. Uncomfortable to have a dry mouth, perhaps, but hardly stupid! Six miles without a drink is bad? How?

  • Keeny

          I got your name? image

    I pleased with this thread about NO DRINKS while you run.People are stupid and Thick.You got to have drinks with you because you may cause damange in your inside and you will collapse for good? I went to my local gym last week which own by Harpers Fitness and there all talk about H&S and Drinks and Towel because we may get some BUGS around the Gym.But NO Harpers all there care about is Money not us to use the gym.Anyway  there was shouting while I do my Warm Up inwhich those 2 people should tak it outside althrough there did'nt.All the fuss is the young man have no towel or a drink with him and he say to the other man(I DONT SWEAT). You got to. If not something wrong with him?

    We are the sensiable one's RIGHT..?

  • If you are well hydrated all the time then there is no need to have a drink for long distances,  but individuals are different.  I can run for an hour without one but I drink 2 litres at least a day and know that I am properly hydrated.

    Hydration is a proactive thing not a reactive one.

  •   M.eldy

    Thank you I think people may take note of us?

    Nice to hear from you agin?

  • I always carry £1 coin with me so that if I run out of water I can just nip in to a corner shop and get a bottle.
  • Hi Speedy ...   I think the replies show that hydration really is a personal thing

    KK runs 20 miles without one but then again she runs twice as quick as I do so its all relative.
  • I think so do.There  body  and you only live once?

  • I did 14 miles yesterday morning without carrying a drink. Plenty of water the night before, and a drink before I set off. That's the furthest I've ever gone without a drink and I can't say I suffered - fastest long run ever, and my HR stayed nice and low.
  • Longest I've run without a drink is 4 hours, I did run for 6:15 once and resorted to drinking out of mountain streams.  Unless I know I'm going to be out for 3+ hours then I wont bother taking anything. I will drink in half marathons if it's warm.  I drink 5+ litres a day.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Depends very much on the individual. I've just done 13 miles in warm but not humid weather and took a pint or so with me. Could have done with more, tbh. I'll happily race a half marathon in winter without drinking but in any other season I need my fluids. I'm not a big bloke but I sweat bucketloads.

    I doubt that one would seriously dehydrate over 11 miles in anything other than extreme conditions, though. 

    Off to put the kettle on now for my second cuppa in quick succession.

  • I agree if well hydrated pre run you probably dont need anything for 10 miles in hot weather, further in cooler weather

    its personal preference though

  • I'l happily run fairly long distances (12 mile or so) without taking a drink with me, unless it's unusually hot weather - which isn't that often. On the occasions when I've taken a drink with me, it's the smallest of the donut bottles, and I've rarely got through half the bottle.

    As others have said, if you keep yourself well hydrated all of the time, you shouldn't need to be downing loads during the run itself.

    Of course, people vary and I guess some sweat more than others (though I do seem to sweat bucket loads myself!), so everyone's needs are certainly different - but not 'stupid' if you don't always take drink with you.

    The only time I've really found a drink invaluable is if I've swallowed a fly, on those few occasions I've been glad of having something with me, but not for hydration per se.

  • I normally don't take a drink with me for anything less than 2hrs, though I do do what Turboelli does, and take a pound coin with me in case I'm desperate.  
  • i don't take a drink with me unless i'm doing 20+milers - just ensure that i'm hydrated before leaving the house! - neve rhad a problem with it and infact i rarely drink when racing - part from marathons! but then i do drink 3 or 4 litres a day.
  • I reckon to keep hydrated enough on a regular basis and a bit more attention to it before longer runs, enough to last me about 1.5 hours. I'm a plodder, so that's currently about 8 miles or so for me.

    A year ago I couldn't even do 5K without a drink on a cool day... I do think it's a personal thing image

  • Maybe its just me then being a novice and all!
  • But people's physiology is different so the demands that running put on their bodies will be different, and hence their need for hydration will be different too.  Someone who is 2 stone overweight and new to running may well NEED hydration even during 5k and shouldn't be made to feel bad only because some wippets can do 20 miles without a drop of water.
  • As many have said you just have to listen to your problem is that I'm probably not properely hydrated before a run and always feel thirsty.......probably more from habit than need...........I'm not happy going more than 2 miles without a drink............

    just do what feels right for right or wrong...................but its true that our bodies can cope with more than we think they canimage

  • i do actually find this thread and posts very interesting,

    but it's everyone down to thier own -  

     I only take drinks with me when running pushing Phillip - as i get a lot thirstier pushing the wheelchair AND i also have to give Phil drinks

    As for myself, I never and have never taken a drink on a solo training run with me, i always go out well HYDRATED

    my solo training runs now a days are NOT what they were - ( as i just do not have the time ) but in years gone by  after leaving home hydrated - they have been up to 22 miles with no fluid

    I am of the belief, it's all about thinking about what one is doing before one ventures out - it is also about building vital physcological stamina

    it is also about as one becomes more experienced, training  your body to adjust to what you are doing

     i can only suggest that if Brads mistake ever happens again or to anyone else, before it's too late, turn back and go home   

  • Also a bit daft to generalise on mileage such as blanket statements like "you shouldn't need hydration under 10 miles" etc.  If you're 6 minute miling you're home in an hour...  someone else may be out for two hours covering the same distance.
  • I fit into your category Nam lol!
  • Keeny I'm with Seren, you do what feels right for you.  It might be that in years to come you may need less hydration of whatever but in the meantime just do what works for you. image
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