What do you carry when running

On this forum I've read about people taking bottles of liquid with them, money, mobiles and sat nav doobries, jelly babies and snacks.

I'm going out with anything more than a front door key, and that's safety pinned to by bra strap. OK, so H would rather I took my phone so I could call him when I fall over and break my neck, but I haven't worked out how to carry it comfortably.

So what do you carry, why and where?



  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    I don't tend to carry much but do take my key with an id tab pinned to my bottoms.  When I was preggers my OH wanted me to carry my phone while I was out running so I got some running bottoms with a zipped pocket in the back.
  • Front door key, which I hold comfortably in my hand, with my finger through the keyring part.

    Very occasionally (as I've just mentioned on the Hydration thread) I'll take a small donut bottle of drink.

    Errrm...that's it!

  • nothing unless my other 1/2 is coming running with me - then its just the back door key!

  • Money for a drink if needed on a Sunday - thats all.
  • short runs (8 miles or less & club sessions) - just my key

    longer runs - my key, £1, and my phone, which all goes into my shorts pocket.

    anything longer than 2hrs - bottle belt with all my usual bits + my water bottle image

  • I carry about a stone of fat every time I run. image

    I find it easiest just to lug it round in front of me. image

    If I need to carry my mobile I have a phone holder that clips to my shorts.

  • Lip salve and chewing gum (I find it helps prevent a cotton mouth, but you have to watch you don't inhale it!!)

    I usually make the OH carry the drink on long runs.... mean or what? He usually carries the car key too.

     I used to carry a stone of fat, but thankfully that's now gone, along with the other 2 stone I carried before I started running.


  • On a long run, water bottle, energy gel (not always used but there just in case), tissues, phone and MP3 player and back door key.  On short runs I don't take the phone or gel.  I've found that now I'm used to running with a waist pack I hardly notice it's there.  I've never actually needed the phone while out but I always take it for the one day that I'm somewhere rural miles from anywhere and I sprain an ankle etc - and then I will be very thankful for it!! 
  • Short runs - ipod which attaches to my bra, front door key in shorts pocket.  In the heat, handheld water bottle

    Long runs - I've got a bottle belt which has 2 x 10oz bottles plus a pouch for energy gels, phone etc.

    If you want to carry a phone, you could try one of the arm carriers?  Like those for an ipod.

  • Short runs -  MP3 player which i carry in my hand. My door key which also fits in my hand or sometimes in my bra. and depending on weather a small donut water bottle.

    Longer runs - as above although I have an arm wallet which holds my keys and also as i'm a diabetic It carry some dextrose tablets for emergencies.  do however get serious chaffin from the arm wallet so am looking an alternative arrangement.

  • I don't run very far atm but I generally only take my ipod in an armband and a front door key which I put in the zip pocket on the bag of my capris. If I'm doing a new route (ie: if I might get lost - and it has happened!) I take my phone which also fits in the zip pocket and I generally don't even notice it's there.
  • I take a key and ipod shuffle......and a bout 3 stone of fat.....image

    Today i took a bottle of water also to see what it was like running holding some thing as i have my 1st 10k next week and only 1 water station and want to take incase hot!

  • OMG how bad is my written english today! image
  • Mobile,ipod and my watch
  • During this weather ..... always a water bottle and the ipod.  No need for door key as I leave Mr S at home to mind little S.  I tried running with my phone in my rear zippy up pocket thing, but I just did not like to constant bumping up and down on my bum image.  So, to keep Mr S happy I tell him where I'm going and when to expect me back ...... just so he can get the beer chilled in time for my return!

  • Sorry.  I'm a twit, I take my watch when I can find it ............ little S has developed a fascination with it and he keeps hiding it in his toy kitchen in a pretend pie.
  • I use Race Ready shorts.

  • Kittenkat - nothing??  image  Shorts?  T-shirt??

  • shalscrape that's so funny! image

    i strap my ipod to my arm, and have just bought a belt to carry a bottle etc but havent tried it out yet.  No keys or anything, and I often forget to wear my watch even to races, doh!

  • I've got a waistpack I wear (bought in in HeRunsSheRuns). I don't do massively long distances but I am ambitious, so thought I'd get used to it now. May as well! Carry my key, iPod, bags for dog poo (my dog is my training buddy) and lip balm. There's room for other stuff as I progress!
  • Short runs (and long runs where I can get water) - keys, IPOD if using, and oyster card (I have a lovely suggoi top which has a zipped pocket which can take an oyster card); my emergency details are on a luggage tag tucked into my laces.

    Long runs without water - waist belt which carries keys, water bottle, cash, oyster card, phone - only if going somewhere where its a bit rural and i want the ability to call for help.
  • At the moment, a donut bottle of water; occasionally I take my mini-ipod which clips onto my shirt; today I had a door key as Mr FL was out + my asthma puffer; I can fit them in the back pocket of my shorts.

     I also have a running belt which I use sometimes, but not when it is so hot.  If I feel I need to carry phone/ jelly babies,  I will use the belt. It is perfectly comfortable.

    When I was looking into this the guy at the running shop said belts were more comfy than armband things.

  • Always

    -bag belt/arm wallet with keys, tissues, £1 and iPod, and a water bottle

    Long rus

    - as above but depending on distance or route I will take my phone too.

  • Depends on the length of the run.  Garmin, 8-10 miles or more I take carbs and hydration belt. 

    I always run or ride with my RoadId and highly recommend it.  

    I have a link here and some of my other favorite products too

    Blonde Runner favorite products

    I wish some of these products were available when I started running 20 plus years ago.

  • Speaking of experiance carry a Reggata Water Pack with plenty of Cool Water(By The where. Anyone see the new WATER STICKS write up in this RW for August Issue? Its better and if your water warm in your rucksack.Those sticks make it cool?

    I wear Sport SunGlasses too because My normule glasses not a good idea?

    Good Morning

  • JohnFolJohnFol ✭✭✭

    I carry a phone to keep Mrs F happy, door keys and of course tissues. I've ditched the iPod as I can play music via the phone.

    I'm sure the person I ran with yesterday had a metronome in their pocket as I could hear a regular ticking noise.

  • Short run, generally nothing, long(er) run, normally my phone, which doubles up as my mp3 player / radio, which fits fine in the rear pocket of my shorts.
  • On long runs I wear a belt with water, 'phone, keys, a few pieces of dark chocolate. 
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    When I need keys and phone I use a bum bag ... otherwise nothing.
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