So I pronate too much and now have decent supportive running shoes. Should I wear them all the time i.e. at work ? Will that help even more? Ta!


  • a supportive shoe  may help you for everyday use, but can you wear running shoes to work??? if the pronation is that severe then you probably should be seeing someone about getting an orthotic insert to help support your foot a bit better

    good luck

  • Thanks. Yep I can wear trainers!
  • Have you managed to make it through life without too much hassle from the pronation? If so, I would hazard a guess that wearing trainers fulltime now will do very little for you. However, wearing them whilst running will undoubtedly help due to the extra pressure put on your feet/legs whilst running.
  • Yeah true. I do feel a few aches and pains though which seem less when I have my running trainers on.
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