Windsor Half-Marathon

As title says really - anyone else signed up for it


  • I have and have never done this one before is it stupidly hilly?  How does it compare to Hastings half?
  • Don't know about Hastings but I would say hilly rather than undulating. On the other hand, I got round it last year so it can't have been too bad.
  • I still can't decide whether to register for this one. Are the both of you registerested as a Golden Bond entry?
  • I just entered so not golden bond. Its a friendly race though - and the setting is great
  • I'm in.  image

    Not sure I'll be fit enough for a half marathon by then but what the heck!!

  • Hey has anyone ahd their running numbers through yet?  I haven;t ehard anything since booking months ago on runners world
  • Nothing received yet......
  • they are cutting it a bit fine!
  • numbers usually arrive 7-10 days before Windsor so any day now.
  • Sarah - my pack arrived Fri 18Sep.
  • I have my pack - scared now as the furthest I've run since March is 8 miles!!


  • Just been reading the race info: I have not done this before and as I am coming from Wiltshire I want to be sure of directions

    My red pass says "Access via Town Centre or from Old Windsor to KIngs Roundabout and follow A332"

    The booklet says If you have been issued with a red pass" (I have) "if you attempt to approach the event through Windsor Town  Centre you will not be allowed access to the Great Park"

     Seems a bit of a contradiction: am I missing something here !

  • If you take J10 of the M4 it takes you to Bracknell and if you then follow directions as per your red card then it will take you the back way to the course and you wont touch Windsor
  • What time does the race start?

    I'm not running but might stop by to support.

  • 1300 but if you can get there other than by car I'd recommend it.

    It may not be pretty!

  • They say they have sorted the parking problems out this year by having two carparks, one for red and the other for yellow card holders. Was told it was murder last year cos it was just one carpark. Think there is 5000 runners at this years race so its not a SMALL one. Looks like the biggest hill is the mile and a half straight run (uphill from the start and down hill at the finish) that runs from the long road that runs from the Castle up to where the course starts its two circles.  Going to very hot on sunday and with a 1pm start and most of the course out in the open then i can see lots of runners having problems..take a few mouths fulls of drink at every stop i say and tip the rest on your head
  • Thanks 007.5

    I'll be riding my mountain bike so no problem.

  • Just back from the ladies 8K at the same venue - same start/finish.  Yes, it was hot and hilly but pleased with my time.  Good luck all tomorrow...
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