Please can someone help?? Out running just over a week ago, I experienced some very sharp lower abdomen pain. Had to stop to massage as it was a bit like a stitch, but still finished the brisk 5 miler.  

By the time I drove home from my gym, my lower stomach was seriously distended (usually flat as a pancake), rock hard and very hot. Hubby immediately thought of a hernia, but I dismissed it . However serious pain over the next few days forced a visit to the GP, who confirmed the same. Seems it's along the site of a previous op. so quite likely that the old scar in the abdomen has opened.She's referred me for an urgent scan and surgical appointment, but said not to stop doing anything if it doesn't hurt.  However, I constantly have such a strange sort of pain - feels like a nasty wound is exposed and it stings like mad.(?) Sneezing, coughing and laughing- not an option! Will this get better?

I've booked and paid for a trip to Florence this November for OH and me, and I have a place in the Marathon.  I can defer my place to 2010 and, as our flights have been altered, I've  just received an email asking if I want a refund, but I will lose some of the hotel booking fee if I postpone.

I've no idea when I'll see a consultant- or how long it will take for the op if needed, but if it's next year, I'd rather try keep to this year's plan. Will running it be a possibility or am I totally delusional?


  • Have they said what type of hernia it is?
  • No, will have to wait to see the Surgical team, after having MRI.

  • In that case I would wait for there info and what they think about it. Had a hernia myself and can be simple and easy or can be a debilitating pain in the backside. For the cancelling or going for the marathon it's a risk even if hernia is simple so question is do you want to take the risk and how long before you have to decide? Worth pointing out that even if you can get it sorted out in the next few weeks. It's going to effect your marathon prep and time so if your interested in pb's I'd defer.

    Good luck and hope it's simple and sorted quickly with the good old NHS. image

  • You've made up my mind!

    I did my first marathon in London this year and was convinced my time was slower due to the crowds. So the whole point of this one (apart from the fabulous sightseeing) was to try for a better time. The training programme I want to follow (RW) is due to start 9/8/09 so unless it heals over the next few weeks, it's not likely our poor NHS is going to sort me out in time! No point in hobbling around.

    Thanks for the advice! I'll defer my place and take my chances with a refund - go for 2010.

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