Quad strengthening exercises

I need to strengthen my quads, but due to dodgy knees I am not allowed to do squats or lunges (did them in a class once and couldn't run for 6 months afterwards).  Can anyone suggest any exercises that could help me?

Thank you!


  • I don't see how you can work your quads without involving your knees to some extent, but maybe using the leg extension machine in the gym would be OK?

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    Have you access to a physio. They could recommend what exercises which would be safe to do
  • If you can tolerate it, the best exercise would be a "high step up" (your knee should have a 90 degree bend when your foot is on top of the box/step). Not only does this help quad development, it is also a single leg exercise which running is essentially, and it improves balance and co-ordination.

     If you look at the knee bend in a runner there is probably no more than 30 degrees bend during the take off phase, so there is not real need to squat deep. Even doing a partial squat would be useful and may not cause you too much discomfort.

     There are plenty of exercises out there, but these two would work best for starters.

  • Hi Dippycat, I did a bit of internet research when I hurt my knee a while ago and came across this site which I used to rebuild strength. Knee Exercises

    After a couple of weeks I really did notice the difference image

  • Thanks for all those ideas everyone.  There's loads there for me to try!  I will give them all a go and see which works and next time I see my physio I will ask her too.

     Thank you!

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