Still trying to recover from pf which was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. Have been down the lines of new trainers/shoes but I'm on my feet all day at work and the area is still painful (not as much as at first).

Doctor suggested seing the chiropodist but I wondered whether a sports physio might be any good. Am I barking up the wrong tree and is it just rest that will do the trick. I'd just got up to running 2 miles in readiness for R4L and am now totally fed up.


  • go to a chartered physiotherapist, ask at the phone call if they specialize in sports injuries. The knowledge and training of a charaterd physio is more indepth and relates to all parts of the body
  • speaking from my current experience of suffering with pf for the past 6 months, I would have to agree with JB, and get yourself to a physio.
    My first port of call was a podiatrist, who referred me for an ultrasound, then I got sent on for physio. As well as trying to correct my running gait and giving me stretches/strengthening exercises, I am also having (rather painful) shockwave therapy. Any decent sports physio will have a lot of different treatments at his/her disposal, and hopefully one which will help you.
  • Stop running!!I started getting heel pain over 3 years ago but continued training towards a half marathon, until I could hardly walk, let alone run. Since then I've had several long spells of complete rest from running. I stopped for a whole year but it still didn't go away. You need to pay particular attention to stretching the heel out before you get out of bed or after sitting down, do lots of stretching exercises for the lower leg and foot. I found a period of wearing a 'half leg cast' at night useful as it stops all the tissues tightening up again at night. I've just had a hydrocortisone injection (better late than never) so I'll find out if it sorts the damned thing out once and for all - meanwhile I've not run since February...
  • It might be worth seeing both! In my experience a physio will probably treat the injury but not cure the cause of it. Whereas a Pod will get to the route of the problem and prevent a reoccurance of the injury.

    Make sure that you see a physio or pod that specialises in sports rlated problems though.

    good luck
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