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The story so far :-

We are going away for 2 weeks in September and leaving our 2, elderly cats to be looked after by a neighbour. The cats will stay here, the neighbour will pop in twice a day to feed/water/muck out.

Mr Slug has decided that it would be a good time to get someone in to re-wire our house. Pro is that we will be away and not disrupted. Con is that I am worried about the cats.

Cats are elderly (nearly 18 now). They both like people but also like a quiet life. The girl cat is a bit timid and a bit dim. I really don't want to put them in a cattery as I feel they are simply too old for the disruption - and boy cat gets in a real state in the car (or even just seeing the cat basket).

Many years ago, when I first met MS, I lost my little cat cos MS was careless (left door open despite being warned not to) when he had workmen around - we never got the cat back. I'm not happy with the thought of risking a recurrence.

MS says I'm being totally ureasonable and that this is by far the best option, the cats will be fine and everything will be hunkydorey by the time we get back.

We've both agreed to listen to forum opinion before making a decision.

Ta muchly.


  • Don't risk it, you'll never forgive yourself if something goes wrong and more importantly you'll never forgive him.
  • Looking back over the last week when I was invaded by builders my great wuss of a ginger moggy spent the entire time cowered in the bushes over the road

    My vote goes for a no.
  • Yes, sorry Mr Slugsta. They will be unsettled anyway by not having you around, and to find themselves with unfamiliar people - never mind how kind those people might be (but there is of course no guarantee that they are cat-people) will make their insecure position even more problematical. I like that word. It's a bit like piratical. Anyway.

    Being unashamedly emotionally blackmailish - but happy to follow Foxy Lady's lead in this - it would be a dreadful burden to bear if something DID go wrong.

    Get the little men in when there's someone there to cuddle the cats when they need it.
  • Not fair on the neighbour looking after them if they disappear either ...
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    Thanks for the input, peeps.

    I think the bottom line is that, whether or not the cats actually would be OK, I'm not prepared to spend my whole holiday worrying about them. So, it's either cattery or the work is done some other time. MS is not keen on the cattery idea cos he's a skinflint and doesn't want to pay out - but the decision is his now.

  • Another 'no' vote from me!
  • I am more surprised that MS gets a say in the Sluggy household  !!
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  • I work as a catsitter, and I'm against.  Maybe if it was one particular room which the cats could be shut out of, and you already had had the same builders in before and knew they could be trusted to be careful.

    I've seen it quite a few times.  While all the cats have been OK and tend to act sensibly, it definitely does upset them, and the mess and people coming in and out is not good.  Lets see.... one household has the cuddliest cat ever, but has had the builders in several times.  Mostly OK, (besides mess all over the floors which the cat is going to lick off himself, and his bed being covered with junk), but there was one time he mysteriously became very scared and started running from the builders.  Don't know what happened, I presume something got dropped near him or something.  Another time I was supposed to be warned before builders (sent by landlord) came round so I could shut the emotional inside cat in the bedroom.  I arrived to find the door wide open... luckily she'd had the sense to hide in the bedroom, but she was upset enough to bite me on the leg and draw blood (leg biting not unusual with her, but how hard was a measure of how upset she was!) Today I arrived at a sit to find a very nice guy drilling holes in the ceiling.  He had apparently made friends with one of the rather shy cats, so points there (they were in hiding but fairly relaxed when I came in).  On the other hand there was plaster dust all over the cats' food and water bowls...

    There have been other times when the cats involved have seemed fairly relaxed: both times just one room was involved.  But you can bet the cat wil lead you to the pile of builders equipment as if asking what the heck is going on.  I don't think any cat likes having the builders in.

    Personally I wouldn't want builders in without me there anyway.  But if they are going to be crawling all over the place with two elderly/timid/dim cats in the way I really wouldn't do it.  It doesn't sound like a good mix.  Not really fair on your neighbour to ask them to cope with any problems either, whether with the cats or the builders.

  • As a one-time "parent" to two elderly ladies (18/22 yrs) I wouldn't advocate anything to stress them at their age - even cattery.  I used to have great neighbours who'd do the honours when we were away, then they moved and my two had to go to "home from home" run by receptionist at our vet.  She looked after them briliantly, spoilt them rotten and was a 10min car ride away, but they were so stressed out by the whole experience, that it took them weeks to recover - and I never really enjoyed the holiday, always worrying every time I switched on my phone to check for messages (dreading what I might seeimage).

    Also, I've had lots of work done and can't think of one time when there hasn't been a problem and it's been a case of "just as well you were here..............."

    The only time that didn't work was when we had the decorators in as I was in hospital for 10 days - (ex left in charge of work) came home to find they'd painted everything in wrong coloursimage.

    So, my vote goes to neighbours (less stress for cats, less stress for you and you enjoy holiday) electrical work done later.image

  • What with strangers banging and clomping about,drills being used, hammering and doors being inadvertantly left open, I  don't think i would leave our 16 year old cat Sharon alone to get stressed. Enjoy your holiday without the stress of worrying about them and postpone the workmen until you getback in my opinion

  • You called your cat Sharon   image
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    So now I have to get MS to read this thread - including the rude things I've said about him image
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    mr slug here  i'm not tight!! just careful with my money

    The sparks hasn,t been in touch so its probably not going to happen

    I accept defeat though and the cattery will be used if we can't find an alternative

    Thanks for all your input

  • Electricians might have to take up floorboards,
    Cats love interesting new hidey holes to investigate,
    Electricians replace the floorboards......

    I can't bear to think about it Sluggie - don't get the work done!!!

  • I'll second the risk of cats and floor boards. When my mum had her kitchen done my sister's cat ended up cemented under the floor boards. The stupidest thing was she ended up back under there two days later with the same effect!

  • If it were my cats you'd return to find the skeletons of the electricians stashed under the floorboards.
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    LOL, FR!
  • Yep -definitely wait until you are around to get the work done.

    As you say, even if all did turn out to be well you don't want to spend your holiday worrying about it.

  • We had builders in when our two eldery cats were alive but I was there to keep things 'normal'. Cats don't cope well with disruption. 

    The funniest thing was when our old porch was demolished - the cats' route out to the garden. I opened the kitchen door where the porch once stood, now onto open garden with piles of rubble, and the female puss just looked at me as though to say, "What the hell..?!"

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    Before forum input MS seemed to feel that I was being difficult just for the sake of it! It's good to have some unbiased opinions to inform our decision.
  • I'm on the No bench too.  I work for a builders and we sent some subbie electricians in to do some rewiring at a property and they managed to shut one of the cats under the floorboards.  Wouldn't risk it and can you imagine how distraught your neighbour would be if anything happened to one of them.
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    Have had a chat with MS and asked what the urgency is re the wiring. Nothing really, he's just got a bee in his bonnet about it. We have agreed to leave it for a while, maybe even a couple of years, and then review the situation. It's top of the agenda as soon as we are <whispers>  'cat free'.
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    Hey there Slugsta.

    Need me to come round and stand on MS's foot?

    Bit late to the thread but concur with the resounding no you've received already.

    Rewires commonly include chasing out walls which uses a drill and is very noisy and very dusty.  The moggies would find it stressful with you there, let alone not.

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    Hiya, Mouse!

    You're welcome to come round and stand on MS's foot any time you like image.

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  • Mouse is this a general service you offer of just a special for slugsta??  If its a general service, could you come stand on Mr CS foot please???  No reason for it, just thought it'd be fun. image
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    Caz, Mouse and MS have a 'history' together image
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