running shoes. stick or change?



  • Foc I am having a go at the helsinki marathon in 5 weeks image. Probably should get my shoes really sooon as I think the recommendation is to have about 150 miles broken into shoes before you run a marathon in them. I have been using these since my first marathon in April image.

    Acutally , thank you for reminding me...I will be in dublin in a few days and there is a shop there that analyses gait. Brill.  image

  • I am on my third pair of Nikes. Originally I used Nike Pegasus and they fitted like slippers with no need to break them in. However, due to a period of self indulgent laziness I put on weight and I am currently running in Nike Vomero, 'for the heavier runner...' and they are superb.

    I have hear a lot of good things about Asics, but I had a bad experience with them a few years back so I have been reluctant to retry them. In all fairness it was the idiot in JJB Sports who sold the wrong model to me, but it has stuck with me. But as people on this thread have said - if it works why change, so I'll stick with my Nikes.

  • D2D - I was sold a pair for for over pronation that forced me to run on the outer edge of my foot and resulted in sore calf muscles and horrendous pains in my knees.
  • this is something i was wondering about. Think my mizunos may be coming to the end of their life soon. cushioning doesn't look to bad but the lining is starting to tear. They took ages for me to get used to them, but now i am used to them i don'r know whether to try somethinng else or stick to what i know...
  • I got Brooks ones yesterday. Paid €130 for them!! Smaller size than previous and I am going to have to go and buy thinner socks. But feel pretty ok after my first trial run. Going to hold onto my mizunos though for the longer runs for a while in case these dont work out.
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