Thursday July 9th 2009

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she takes me away to that special place.

No thread?

What: 6m very gentle rec jog d&d / 2 hours easy pm.
Why: Base.
Last hard: Yesterday pm.
Last rest: 01/07.

Even by my standards the current mileage is bloody high! Rolling 7 day total as of yesterday evening was 148 (@ an average pace of 6:49). Legs feel surprisingly good image

Have a great day all.


  • Mornin - Lyrics - Yesterdays creche trip must have sparked that one

    Easy easy day - 4/5 easy later - race tomorrow evening.

    TT - Good news from youimage. Looks like youre flying - when is your next race - it'll be interesting to see how your developing for October. No damage thankfully for myself.  I'm hoping to match previous marathon effort (2:47 and a bit). This will be tough as it was in my former running life. I'll know better when I'm properly into my build up races. 44 now though and its a long time ago!!!. However thats where i've set the target and the training is going good so far. I'm where I want to be with the plan.    

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    148 miles in a  week....struggle to get there most months....
    If you don't mind me asking , how do you get away with 2 hrs pm?

    TMR - well done with the hammer pb!!

    What - 6 tempo at lunchtime
    Why - Thursday, and my legs hurt

    have a great day

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    Paddy - got a hilly HM Sunday week and a 10k the first Wednesday of August, but not expecting much from either. It always takes me quite a while before races start to equate to training for some reason. Guess it's the whole peaking concept. Nice target and nice idea too image How long ago was the 2:47?

    Dustin - I work from home on Thursdays (and Mondays), and my working day is only 7 hours, so I normally start at 7:30 at the latest, finish about 3-3:30 and run then.

  • TT - 2:47 was 9 years ago. (I know I was younger, but that was off the back of three and a half years building up from scratch and from 2 lbs short of 18 Stone in weight!!!!!). I started back running in any consistent way just over 2 years ago. Its gone well so far. Not yet up to speed on the shorter distances but I am targetting the longer distances. Its an ambitious target - but I have to aim for something!!!. When I did run the 2:47 I felt that I left a few minutes behind me as i finished v strong with neg splits and passing out people for the last few miles. I have a target 10k race next Friday over your direction - Piltown (Its in KK (Spit) but close to South Tipp Border). I'll get a better feeling how things are after that. (i have a 4 miler tomorrow nite but am running that as a tempo effort rather that racing it).   
  • Morning all,

    no idea on the lyrics.

    TMR I do enjoy reading about your exploits - you do so much fun stuff!

    What: 5 easy
    Why: building slowly
    Last hard: yesterday was oddly hard
    Last rest: Tues

    Good runnings all.

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    TT - ahh that figures, I'd love to do away with the commute !!

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    TT - Nice running, sorry to hear about your mishap the other day but guess all is well if youu,ve got a long run shortly And some serious mileage, you are heading into Dave Bedford territory

    Paddy - You are older than i thought - thought you were in your 20s best of luck with dublin hope you achieve your target

    Mava sorry about your broken streak, you can rebuild it if you want its hard though but you can have it if you really want

    What: 3 mile sandwich (middle mile quick 8:58)
    Why: getting legs to go quicker
    Last Hard: yesterdays massage
    Lyrics: sounds familiar

    Tuesdays lyrics as some knew Talking Heads and Psycho Killer

  • Pammie - I Dont lookimage, act imageor feelimage my age - in my head i'm in my 20's image
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Best way to be image
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Paddy - I can see no reason why it wouldn't be doable. As you say you're starting from a better place than before. My hometown is about 4m from Piltown - Carrick-on-Suir. Don't slow down if you're driving through it or your wheels will be history image (p.s. not kidding about that btw!).

    Dustin - one of the reason I stay in my job is that it's handy. Even on the 3 days I'm in the office the commute is <30mins, including nursery drop-off (40 mins if traffic is bad, 20 during school holidays). It just allows us to have so much more time together (plus obviously facilitates the running too).

    Cheers Pammie. Most of the stiffness is gone now, thank God. Guess I'd best get working on my 'tache image

  • Afternoon all,

    TMR:  A well executed mini-heptathlon!

    TT:  Awesome mileage and pace! 

    Where's Clink and NZC?

    Well, the Chase Challenge was another futile attempt fo find some fast twitch fibres.  I see I finished 13 seconds ahead of RachE - I'd have said hello if I'd realised.  I don't seem to be able to get above LT pace, in fact, I went through the first 5k quicker at FLM07.  I might try the Daniel's approach and mix the training paces up a lot more.

    • What:  19m
    • Why:  Mid-week long run.  5.5 mins faster than last week's heatwave run ,so at least something's going in the right direction
    • Last Hard:  1/1 - Decided the last two "efforts" don't qualify
    • Last Rest:  15/5

    Have a good one!

  • TT:  Not sure if you were around when I exponded my facial hair theory.  I reckon it's essential for distance runnig performance.  If you look at any race photo from the "golden age" of the 70s and 80s, it's more like a 'tash and 'burns competition than a race.  Today, they all look like they've been on the end of the latest Gilette multi-blade disposable and the times are carp!  I rest my case. 
  • TT - I know carrick - I went out with a girl from there about 25 years ago when i was in college in Waterford. It was around the time of Sean Kelly's cycling boom - carrick was like a mini Beijing at the time. At that stage you were probably travelling on your auld lad's "backer".
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    Not been on for quite a few days...little to report:

    What: 10 mins steady later.
    Why: had neck procedure just over 2 weeks ago, and just done 10 mins steady each day on grass.
    Last hard: The neck procedure!
    Last rest: Dec 24

    Some improvement with the neck but only over the last couple of days. Being cautious with the running but will probably do a little more over the weekend.

    Off to marshall at club's evening 5k series shortly.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Afternoon,

    Not been around for a few days - rather frantic at work. 

    Like TT, I work 2 days a week at home and my contract says my working day is 7 hours.  Trouble is, contract is one thing and reality is another - I normally end up with roughly 10 hours a day on my timesheet.  It's a shame that the other thing my contract says is that I can't claim overtime...

    What: rest day today
    Why: Thursday
    Last rest: Last Thursday
    Last hard: Wednesday - did 5.5M with 4M tempo (about 29 mins).

    Have a good evening.

  • Like TMR I was at a Vets league match last night. Mr.S. and I took the two and a half hour journey to Worthing to each run our scoring races of 100. Long journey for a short race so I graciously allowed the F60 who was pencilled in for the F50's 400 to concentrate on her 1500 and volunteered myself for the lungbusting-legwobbler. 400 metres is quite hideous enough without having to run a bloody mile immediately beforehand. Ok, almost a mile, pedants!

    Mr. S. who clearly has no sense of self preservation also elected to run the 400, as a none scorer. He was anxious to get an official time as he has only ever done a relay leg at this distance.

    We were both disappointed with our main event. Don't know quite what went wrong for me. Can't blame the conditions. Not my sort of weather - cool damp and cloudy. BUT not cold and a slight following wind if anything down the 100 straight.

    Just two other over 50s in my 100m race - I won pretty easily having led all the way but 16.4 is quite a bit slower than my 16.1 PB. I wasn't charged up enough - it all felt a bit lacklustre. Don't know why. Of course last year I would have taken 16.4 (it was my August 08 PB) but this year it seems like a step backwards...

    Anyway. Can do better.

    I was nervous about the 400 because it was more luck than judgement that I just about paced it right last time. Tonight there was a genuine 400 specialist running in lane 4 - and I knew she was pretty quick. I was out in lane 5, not good. Set off relatively cautiously, let her pass me on the 1st bend then held 2nd place maintaining the 10 to 15 metres between us. Should have realised that 300 metres at that pace is enough for me. I rounded the final bend and started slowing. I tried desperately to hang on but by 50 metres out my legs had entirely stopped co-operating and the girl who'd been miles behind in 3rd came stomping up. By 30 metres out I was performing what probably looked like a slow motion sprint and feeling like I was wading through thick air. I finished 3rd out of 4, not much behind 2nd.

    Lay on the grass, legs completely gone again and feeling distinctly nauseous. Clever.

    I was genuinely surprised to run 82.8 - only 1.2 seconds slower than my very recent PB. I expected to have lost more time over my final disastrous 50 metres, but I suppose the other 350 had been quick enough to make up the difference. Steve told me that 1 second slower on the first 200 could have made all the difference, as usual it all comes down to experience, and "well Sharkie you don't run 400s, no point in beating yourself up about it. You're still new, still learning how to run fast, you can worry about endurance later..." Or words to that effect.

    I actually felt worse than after the PB race and took a bit longer to recover.

    Mr.S. was happy enough with 59.9 on his first competitive 400. 80.99 AG.

    We both then went on to run well in our respective 200s for the medley relay. My legs had felt so 'gone' I didn't think I would be able to, but I pulled myself together and managed to beat the girl who had so conclusively trounced me in the 400. I was 1 or 2 seconds quicker over 200 - and she was probably 5-10 faster than me in the 4. Interesting.

    Everyone said I looked really good in the 2, it was probably my best run of the night. Don't know why because it wasn't pressure off - I had something to prove against the 400 girl.

    So bit of a nothing night all in all. Usual long report about nothing!
  • PS: Suprised that hardly anyone got the linked Beatles songs of Sunday and Tuesday. But perhaps I'm just showing my age assuming that everyone is familiar with the Beatles back catalogue.

    Sunday was Good Day Sunshine from Revolver. Someone actually gave it away about 3rd post in.

    Yesterday was Rain, which as far as I can remember was an early double A side (now there's a blast from the past) with Paperback Writer.

    There you go Pop fans.
    Or not.

  • Evening

    TT: Impressive sir

    Paddy: Good luck with that target

    Sharkie: Nice report and good effort, always good to read about your exploits

    What: 9.5 miles at dawn
    Why: Mojo returning, distances creeping up. Enjoyment factor returning along with legs which allow me to run uphill (or up mountain would be more accurate)
    Last Hard: Last hill today which I threw in for fun, knew it was a bad idea halfway up
    Last Rest: 10 days


  • evening

    Sharkie - well done

    And TmR - multi-eventing

    TT - glad you're recovering from your tumble

    alehouse - positive news on the neck

    As for me...

    What: 1 mile jog up the hill to the osteopath, click pull rub twist, then jog a mile down the hill home again
    Why: no time this morning so it seemed a way to get a little run in
    Last hard: work today
    Last rest: sunday

    According to the osteopath my pelvis had become twisted and I was all tensed up right up to my neck.  So lots of manipulation all the way down, including a hard elbow in the PF on each side.  Ouch.  Hopefully I'm now sorted out for a little while.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Sharkie and a great report as expected now

    What - 6.25m
    Why - Steady Miles
    Last hard - Yesterday
    Last rest - Tues

    Take care

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    AF - sounds like a simple hazard of large, base mileage to me. I guess it depends on your approach. I always feel like that during base. Re: facial hair, I hope that's not the only requirement as, tbh, I couldn't grow any decent facial hair if my life depended on it...... image

    Christ Paddy. Small world isn't it! You must know Seskin Hill then - one of the hills Kelly used to work out on? I love running up that every time I'm back. Great workout! image

    SGQ - On my days wfh I invariably end up doing a little bit more, but generally, luckily, no issues doing just my standard 7.

    sharkie - nice! image

    mava - hope it does the job for you!

  • TT, 148ml in 7 days, wow!  are you aiming to keep it at that level all summer ?

    IM,  image yes I think throwing things is fun

    AF, I've noticed that you don't do much standard type of speed work, but there again, I have exactly the same problem running faster over short distances despite doing quite a lot of the stuff

    alehouse, not good about your neck, I hope it continues to improve rather more speedily

    sharkie, I'm v impressed by your 400m time.  Seems 100m training is better for 400m racing than marathon training ; well that's my excuse anyhow image

    What: am: 6ml easy:  pm: 10.3ml inc 5k race
    Why:  marathon miles, Thurs is supposed to include some hard miles, and the race was very local. I set off near the back, partly by accident, partly cos I knew I'd be quite tired, and so not great expectations.  Just before half way (it;s a 2 lap course)  going up a nasty hill, and thinking I'm working as hard as I can, I hear coach's voice 'Come on, Marg, and encouraging me to overtake the runner in front, and the next;  seem to be able to change gear, overtake 2 clubmates and generally work much harder than I thought I could, and pretty well hold it for the rest of the race. End result, 1 min slower than Sunday's track 5000, but its not a flat course, and my legs have got reason to be tired, though HR overall only 2 beats lower.  Bit disappointed by that. 

    The course has been remeasured since last year, and is now c 120m longer. The explanation is that when it was first measured it was measured on the road, the statutary 30cm from the kerb ie the supposed running line, but now everyone runs on the pavement and cuts corners, of which there are quite a lot on the course, and they can't stop people doing this.

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