Pre-race Tea

What can i have tonight for tea in prep for tomorrow my 1st 10k?????


  • I always have fish and chips the night before a race, good solid protein and plenty of carbs...I just have it because I like it and a race is a good excuseimage
  • of courseimage
  • Oooooooooo lol do u think that is wise for me as this is my 1st 10k and already overweight lol?? 
  • The odd treat won't do any harm and you do need a decent meal in you. If I am staying away then I would go to an Italian restaurant and have pizza or pasta. So I guess none of my options are that great diet-wise, but it's only for a race, not every day. But for racing it is good to have plenty of carbs, and you'll burn over 600 calories doing a 10k ...not that much less than fish and chips. I find that when running I can treat myself too much because I'm running, but at only about 100 calories a mile it doesn't take too many choc bars to undo the good work! So, everything in moderation...
  • Sorry, I forgot to say, good luck with the race whatever you decide to have for tea image
  • Tea - err that will be tea cake and a nice cup of tea. 

    Fish and chips in the middle of the afternoon? I'm not sure the Jews would even advise you do that.

  • silly 210 image

    I call my evening meal supper but we all know what Keeny means 

    have a great race, keeny

  • Carbs usually for me, but whatever you will be comfortable eating - don't try anything new that might upset your tum.  Curry is not a good idea for example unless you are used to eating that the night before a race image
  • good luck keeny!!!

     i''ve got my first 10k tomorrow too and i think i've just been won over by the fish and chips idea!!! yummy!!!

    I look forward to hearing all about your race 2moro

  • Thanks VIxx and Vik am going to have some pasta with turkey .......Vixx i don't know what upsets my tummy as i have not done a race lol!!! 


  • good luck for tomorrow

    dont bother too much carbing for a 10k,but would have a bowl of porridge for breakfast,slow release energy

  • I have porridge everyday anyway lol! with ma blueberries....and ty!
  • Anticipation over did it in 1hr 12....good enough for me now i have a time to beat lol!
  • The thing is, you did it. So many people in the UK didn't do anything today.

     Top effort, and as you say, you now have something to beat!

  • Well done on the race Keenyimage Have you entered your next one yet?!
  • Nope as i am not sure of abilities?  Don't want to look a fool if i turn up at a race and its full off elites and pro runners!  Fancy the Darlington 10k...really want to do a 5k also!
  • Well done Keeny!!  I did my first 10k in just over an hour.  And my last one I got a PB of 45 54 - just takes time, perserverance and speed work!  It always helps to set little achievable goals bit by bit.  If I were you I'd aim for sub 1hr 10 then next time leave it a couple of months and go for sub 1hr 5 etc all depending on what you want to do of course.  You might be more interested in doing longer distance races like myself
  • I usually check last year's results to make sure the race isn't just full of whippets, but usually there is a real cross section and in fact the later runners often get more support then the fast onesimage 

  • Definitely not curry ! Pre-race = porridge !!

  • I always have a huge portion of garlic spaghetti with peccorino Romano grated on top the night before a race, with a salad.
  • I usually have pasta (home made) the night before, and then porridge for breakfast before a race.

    I have had some cracking good runs after a curry the night before, though!  Just stick with a source that you trust.

  • Thanks

    I had porridge before and a minging energy bar with banana flavour...i should know better than to get banana flavoured stuff!! 

    Had pasta night before will have to see what my next race brings Hmmm

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