has this happened to you?

I want to know if this has happened to anybody else.

A couple of days ago I was on the last bit of my run , minding my own business, when a car came from behind me , and the passenger threw something at me . This hit me on the back , and left two red marks on my back . I dont know what it was , just that it was black and sticky .

At first I was fuming about thisimage . But as time has gone on its left me very wary . to the point where today when I was running instead of thinking about my running I was busy watching out for this car!!!

It will not stop me running outside , no way!!

But a couple of things bother  me , first of all what sort of people think that its funny to chuck things at people from cars? How is that funny ?

And what makes them think its okay to do that ?

Why do we runners provoke reactions from people ? I can stand the gawping and comments , that Ive got used to , some of the comments are funny, and I must have a sense of humor as I go out in all weathers !!!

But , I  dont ask for peoples comments , opinions etc  and I certainly dont ask for things to be chucked at me!!!!!!!!

So rant over , and has this happend to anyone else?



  • I have had an egg thrown at me - luckily didn't break.  Also one hot day someone squirted something at me out of a car - was quite refreshing so maybe trying to help - hope it was water, probably not
  • That's horrible. image

    Hasn't happened to me, but I don't usually run along the road. I would think it is very unusual though. Probably just some young lads' idea of a big hilarious joke, though I agree it is hard to imagine the kind of mentality of the sort of person who finds that funny.

  • I"m obviously missing the point that it was funny , but I just cant see how it was !!!

    And no it wasnt water, dont know what it was though .

    Still , keep on runningimage

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    There is something about lads in cars, they seem to shed all sense of responsibility and behaviour as they are cocooned in their little world. I would just try to shrug  it off, probably  a spur of the moment thing and not personal, though none the less disturbing

    If it happened again though...straight down the cop shop with the number of the car, that would be someone making a habit of it.

  • ive been egged a couple of times, once being in the period before halloween.

    the other time was suspiciously near my ex-girlfriend's flat. she is known to have a good arm. 

  • Quite a few years ago I was actually walking, not running out at the time, but somebody threw a small calculator out of a speeding car which hit me. I bent and picked it up, it was still functioning properly, so I kept it and use it to this day!image
  • Moomooimage
  • Mr S had a bag of chips thrown at him from chavs in a car once. Maybe they thought he needed fattening up!

    Was slightly alarmed when he returned home with what looked like blood all over his white t-shirt... the chips had tomato sauce on them.

  • funny how these pillocks never throw £20 notes.image
  • I was running along the pavement when a white transit van went past,the first thing I was aware of was something hitting my running partner in the back,it was a plastic bag full of water which burst on impact.The water did not do much damage but the shock we both got not knowing what had happened was terrible.

    The worring thing was that whoever it was had come prepared with the bag ready to throw it,it happened so fast that there was no time to get a number plate but what would happen to them if we did.

    I cannot understand the mentality of these people

  • half bricks one sunday morning - missed but quite scary. Couple of louts who were possibly still p*ssed from the night before.

    Another time someone tried to get me with what looked like lemonade out a car window whilst laughing madly - it's just sooooo hilarious. Thankfully they missed.
  • Obviously commoner than I thought. image
  • Never had owt thrown at me while running....but I cycle to and from work,while cycleing home at 1am after graft 'felt' a brick whistle past my head.Didn't bother to stop and find out who it was.On another occasion cycleing home  a car load of lads went passed and threw an egg which thankfully missed.

    Still hasn't put me off.

  • I had an egg thrown at me ,16 miles into an 18 mile training run, which smashed on my thigh,

    spraying me with egg and causing cuts and bruises. It was quite a positive experience because it

    gave me a huge shot of adrenaline. I'd still like to catch the knuckledragging,life avoiding  **** that

    threw it though!

  • The worrying thing is that these people carry this sort of crap in their cars / white vans etc with the sole purpose of chucking it at someone..
  •  I  suppose its logical really, as these loony tunes havent intellectually progressed  since throwing

    their toys out of the pram, that crap throwing is the nearest they are going to get to self fulfillment

  • Lincoln Seagull

    I agree with you.I running through Sleaford onwards to Leasingham and 2 younger youths throw tomarto's at me while I running.I think the parents throw there toys in the pram. While the children trow toys out of the pram that about 3years agoimage

  •  Never had anything thrown at me which is suprising since I live near a rough part of Salford! I think we should we wait for these sort of people to be doing something they like (hanging round on street corners drinking or driving mini motos round their estate) and start throwing stuff at them.

  • I've had quite a few of your usual white van man comments but luckily nothing thrown *touches wood*.  It really does make you wonder what goes through these people's minds to think of doing this.

    @ Sprint Akie - good idea!

  • My mate had a McDonalds happy meal thrown at him plus vanilla shake!, the tossers must have kept the toy. 
  • I just don't see what they are achieving by being so ridiculous. One day someone will get seriously hurt.
  • Yup, ive had stuff cheucked at me, including stones - which missed.  usually teenagers or men in white vans who are the worst culprits.

    Sprint Akie wrote (see)
     I think we should we wait for these sort of people to be doing something they like (hanging round on street corners drinking or driving mini motos round their estate) and start throwing stuff at them.

    No we couldn't do that, it would upset the little darlings and infringe their human rights image.

  • You"ve all made me feel better !!! image

    At least I"m not alone in getting stuff chucked at me

    Maybe we should start a "Things you"ve had chucked at you " club , 

     NinjabreadGirl -- I dont think these idiots even think about it , let alone care if they hurt someone , I think to them that would be a bonus 

  • Helly - I think you're right. it is such a shame that the minority act and think like this, especially when we are just out minding our own business! I mean, we're not hurting anyone, hopefully not bothering anyone, so why target us runners??

    What a load of b*ll*cks.  

  • NinjabreadGirl, I could"nt have put it better myself!!!image

    Perhaps we should carry things to throw back!?

  • Yep, had an egg chucked at me by two little gobshites!
    Gave chase, caught one and scared the bejesus out of him (I think)

    Also had water filled balloon lobbed at me, which just missed.
    At least my legs were nice and cool after that though image

    Can't understand the mentality either. Sadly evolution seems to have completely bypassed some individuals ...
  • Lol, maybe we should carry things to throw back!! image

    We'll show all those idiots who's boss!! image!

  • Its alarming how common this is... I was running alongside a local park and suddenly felt a pain in my knee and was shocked to see a 2 litre (empty, thankfully) plastic bottle flying up in the air. Some ignorant sh!twits (a load of lads - I think a theme is emerging here...) had thrown it from a car. It bounced off my knee and went flying. Luckily the side of the bottle hit my knee, so it didn't really hurt - but it was a nasty shock.

    I comforted myself with the thought that the odds of a group of lads as stupid as they were crashing their car at speed are probably quite high...

    Thankfully, most of my runs are out in the sticks, so normally its only badly behaving cows and sheep that I have to contend with (and the odd dog!).

  • I once had a little chavvy scrote throw a half full can of coke at my van windscreen when I was driving home one night (from the window of his car). When I caught up with him at traffic lights I was sorely tempted to knock the stuffing out of him but  settled for a blazing row in the street instead image

     These sort of fools really wind me up

  • Not had anything thrown at me - just the usual range of idiotic comments.

    "Run Forrest"

    "Get your knees up"

    "Come on mate a bit faster" - then when you ask them to run with you, they think it's even more hilarious

    Or you get the idiot who tries to copy your stride for about 5 paces then stops. Probably because his chav hat is about to fall off, or he's going to have a heart atttack 

    What do you normally do ?

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