Monday 13th July

Walkin' thirty miles a sack on his back.

Morning All

I thought that I'd set myself a challenge this week in the hopes of regaining some interest in running. So I'm planning on seeing how many miles I can cram into a week.

What : LSR am / same again pm
Why : Felt like something different


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Lyric - dont think so
    Welcome to DesRes
    PH - Well done with the HM
    Mava - (belated) happy anniversary! hope the 10th party went well too!
    TmR - showed highlights of the ladies 10k yesterday (last 5 laps) , superb stuff! Thought the ladies 800 was a good race too, and great to see Ennis back in form.
    RFJ - Great run at Basingstoke in the 5k, shame I couldn't make it, although I fear you may have come close to lapping me! Will run the next one, even if its as a non-scorer: I've never raced a 5k so PB guaranteed!

    Yesterday was up and out at 7am for 1h30 over the fields and woods. Bit heavier going after the recent rain but was lovely out. Startled a deer in the last set of trees, ran out no more than 10 feet in front of me, and raced off ahead. I hate a show off after 10 miles.....
    Today - 4 or 5 easy miles

  • Morning all,

    Welcome DesRes!

    NZC:  Good to hear you're still around.

    TMR:  The beeb showed the end of Defar's run on Sunday - it looked awesome!  I have mixed feeling about DC; It would be great if all who'd tested positive were being treated the same, but he does seem to be being singled out.  He was banned from the GL in Berlin, whilst a German who'd tested positive was invited. 

    • What:  AM: 5m.  PM:  8m
    • Why:  Recovery,   The cold seems to have been beaten into submission.  Just finished as the sun rose this AM. 
    • Last Hard:  1/1
    • Last Rest:  15/3

    Have a good one!

  • AF,  my main concern is the lasting effects on his body - obvious to see.  I don't know whether its the quantity of drugs, or what he actually took.  I don't know whether they could test for this, like they have been able to with the East german women who were forced to take steroids when they were young.

    What:  rest day
    Why: I feel I need it, but its going to make it hard to catch up miles the rest of the week

  • Are we meant to state the name of the song and artist if we know them?

    I do but won't jump in, came out the year of the Gillette London Marathon won by a Brit and also run by me.image

    Too soon in the day for training...planned for later.

  • A'noon peeps.

    What: 4.5M Mini Fartlek.

    Why: Got to.

    Thanks for all your good wishes on my Degree, much appreciated.

    Dustin: Not an Open University. I was a Part Time student and I sponsored through Uni by my employers. It meant that I had to do day release, some night school lectures and 2 modules every semester.

    I'm only about 20 years behind most of my school mates who graduated...I'm a slow learner image

    DesRes: Welcome to our mad house.

    Lyrics: No

    Have a good one peeps.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Lyrics - A very definate yes, As I used them last year I think, great band, just as good Solo too.

    What - Club run followed by committee mtg (both later)
    Why - Needs must
    Last Hard - Sat
    Last Rest - Fri

    Take care

  • Morning all,

    had a bit of 'other priorities' this weekend so I haven't run since Thursday. It's a good thing that it's some 22 weeks til my mara!

    What: yoga, short run with Sean later
    Why: doing what I feel
    Last hard: ages
    Last rest: last 3 days...

    Off to read back - good runnings all!

  • DesRes - don't say what the lyrics are, just tell everyone whether you know them or not.  The person who started the thread normally gives the answer at the end of the day (or the next morning).

    What: 5.5M at lunch
    Why: working from home
    Last hard: today - 4M of it was at tempo pace
    Last rest: last Thursday

    I've got absolutely soaked every day for the last 3 days during my run.  Not complaining, as I actually quite like running in the rain.  But, there again, it IS the middle of July!  It's got just under 2 weeks to clear it all out of its system before I go on holiday...

  • evening

    What: nothing
    Why: bad back, insomnia and work
    Last hard: lying awake last night at 2.30am knowing the alarm was set for 5am
    Last rest: rest?? what's that?

    Feeling a bit jaded.  would have phoned in sick today except I had to be somewhere and was being relied on to turn up. 

    I feel DC is benefitting now from what he took and so is still not running legal.  That's purely my opinion though. 

    Have a good evening.

  • A nostalgic 10 Miles in Derby this morning. (Most of my prior running life was in the area). Ventured off Road and got slightly lost.

    Mava - sorry to hear about the back and continuing insomnia.

    TT -  Congrats on Tipp winning the Munster Champo - good day all round with the Boys in Blue completing a Leinster 5 in a row. The big stuff only starts now though!!!!

    Welcome desres 

    Dont now those lyrics - Yesterdays were Stiff Little Fingers with (running) At The Edge. Showing my age there again.

    Keep on Running  

  • Thanks for all the welcomes peeps and ta for the lyrics guidance SGQ.

    What: Rest day from running but 40 mins circuit training.

    Why: Sticking to the plan.

    Last Hard: Saturday.

    Last Rest: Friday.

    Work currently demanding but motivation high....entered for another race on line today, Belarus 10k 27th September. (Not at Belarus, in aid of)

  • I didn't quite make the thirty mile in the song lyrics and had to settle for 29M. Felt pretty bad from the first mile this morning so I suppose 29M is a bit of a result.

    Nice running everyone , Hope you heal up soon Mava and can get some sleep

  • Hi all,

    After a busy few weeks in which I've done 22mile fell race,2 day mountain marathon, marshalled and help organise a 10k and finally had and passed my PhD viva, I thought I should return to say hello! Naturally, I haven't been able to read back the whole thread, but I did pick up that congrats are due to Mrs IronMel, and will search back for the comrades reports shortly.

    AF: defar's run was rather special wasn't it image

    What: tragically for a returning post, nothing image
    Why: recovery
    Last hard: most of the 35miles and around 14,000 foot of climbing I did last weekend
    Last rest: most of the last few days

  • Haven't read back and haven't been online much since last Wednesday.

    WHY ?

    Have been in France watching the tour and even got round to climbing

    Col du Tourmalet, I can report it is a long day in the saddle.

    What: cycling
    Why: when in Rome .....
    Last hard: yesterdays mountain
    Last rest: 13th June 2009
  • Hi All

    No time to read back but hope your all running well.  I know that a certain JH is going daft this week.

    What: Holiday with  a 10 miler at dawn to add to yesterdays 10 miles at dawn
    why: Found my mojo and am enjoying my running again though not looking forward to going back to running in the heat and humidity of Dubai, still have another 10 days here in sunny Spain yet. Today the temperature hit 38C nearly Dubai levels!
    Last Hard: A long time ago
    Last Rest: Saturday
    Lyrics: Nope

    Desres: welcome

    Gobi: Have beeen following the le tour avidily, good coverage on Spanish TV.

    Have fun one and all

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