Motivation needed.

I work away from home usually for two weeks at a time. I'm quite new to running and what I've been doing is sticking to my run/walk programme at home and just doing long walks at work because of the hills.

Trouble is I'm now working in a very hilly part of Yorkshire until the 19th November. I've tried to do my running here but the downhills kill my knees and the uphills just kill me. There really is nowhere flat to run and I'm finding it quite a struggle. I'm on 5 mins run/2.5 mins walk at the moment. Can anyone suggest anything else I can do other than just the walking to build up my fitness so I can carry on where I left of when I get home?



  • Hi,
    I started running in April, and was walking running, well I actually still am in a fashion but I ran a 5K in June and have in a fit of madness entered a 10K this month.
    To begin with I was struggling a bit and couldn't run very far. Always thought I couldn't run up hills and didn't even try. But a friend at work, who runs frequently said that you can do more than you think you can. So one day I tried it, I didn't get all the way up the hill but far enough to prove to myself that it wasn't impossible. Now I actually run a hilly route once a week. Perhaps the hills are just an excuse, and you're putting it off. It's really not that much of a disaster if you take frequent walk breaks. There is a good article on the RW website about Run/Walk training. You should read it.
    Also if you are looking for the inspiration to carry on when you feel you can't if you can get a hold of John "The Penguin" Bingham's book "The courage to start". Great read and it kept me going when I thought I wasn't actually cut out for this running lark.
    Now I actually think I've caught the bug and actually miss it if I don't go.
    If you really don't think you can run at all, walking is great too. But try swimming or if you can get a hold of a bike that would be ace fun on the downhill stretch. Not so much fun coming up, though.
    Hope some of this is helpful.
  • Thanks Slowcoach:)
    I'll definitely have a look at the John Bingham book. I guess I just got a bit disillusioned because I'd really started to feel like I was getting somewhere on the flat at home. You're probably right about me looking for an excuse to stop though because at work I run at 5.30am and I'm not a morning person at the best of times.
  • I also run 5.30am as I think if I roll out of bed and start running it takes my brain a wee while to decide that I am actually running. Once it has I'm too far from home for it to put up too much of a fight!
    I am a bit worried about the darker mornings coming in though as so far it has been nice and light, scared that the dark will give me too good an excuse to pull the duvet back over my head and not bother.
    Hoping that the fact I feel much better when I run will keep me going, but who knows. Did toy with the idea of buying a treadmill but there are sooo expensive I just don't know. Think a reflective running vest will be cheaper.
    Good luck
  • Yeah, I train early in the morning to avoid abuse. But can anyone give me tips on running in the dark, quite scary
    ive no hope of a running partner
  • Oh you're braver than me Benz - I wouldn't dream of running in the dark!! If you do though, be sure to wear reflective clothing and maybe carry an alarm thingy, oh and make sure you've got your name & address on you... God, you'll need a suitcase with you at this rate!!! Keep yourself safe, that's the main thing!!!
    Michelle x
  • Youre supposed to be encouraging me!!
    Ill be back on the treadmill at this rate
  • Ash, whatever you do, stick at it. I don't like hills either, although they are only really aproblem if you are running against the clock. he technique for hills is to shrten your stride, lean into the hill and swing your arms. Consentrate on your breathing, nice deep breaths. I read somewhere that breathing out every 4 to 5 paces equates to an easy pace, so regulate your speed so thatyou can achieve that sort of breathing pattern.

    Running down hills can be hard on the knees, but again, try leaning forward but lengthen your stride. You are probably trying to slow your self too much.

    Stick with it, it will get easier.

    Good Luck

  • Ash
    Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you?
    I started running from my house in north Leeds but found that to get anywhere you needed to go uphill non-stop for 3 miles. While I found it good for general stamina training I was not getting fast enough so I've started going round a big old reservoir just out in the countryside, nice and flat.
    If you're anywhere near then send us an email, I've got a couple of running partners but we're all different paces so we don't run all together!
  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys. I'm feeling a bit better about things today as I had a better run this morning. I will definitely stick it out.

    Ben, I'm in a village not too far from Bradford.
  • In that case Ash, would you like to come over this Sunday afternoon, I am planning to do a 12 mile run with my running partner Helen (at a moderatel 10 minute mile pace), about 6 miles of this will be almost completely flat around the lake.
    If you're up for it give us an email (you've kept yours private) but I don't think mine is. I can drive over if there's a problem with transport.
  • Ash -- stick with it. I last ran about 2 weeks ago and even then it's because I can't run not because the will isn't there. What I think you need to do is readjust your schedule to fit your surroundings. Plan to do shorter running periods within your run/walk schedule and even go back to the start but as someone else said don't give yourself an excuse to stop. I think redefining your goals is key to staying on top. Believe me, I know :) Besides think how great you'll feel when you achieve the goals you set yourself. Don't do what I did when I first started - don't be too harsh upon yourself, if your body can't do it, it can't do it. What you have to be wary of is the mind's surreptitious influence telling the body it can't do it when it can. The mind is a funny thing and will do all it can to get out of it once it decides that's the course of action to take. If your body can't physically run, it will tell you so and it will beg you to stop and if you persist you'll wind up injured so... anyway, I see I ranted :) Take it easy and enjoy it too another key to staying on top :)
  • Hi Ash,

    I too live near bradford, and the hills can be a total killer! Just did the bradford 10k on sunday in 67:29 and that was bloomin hard work!!

    I live on top of a hill. Totally awful coming back home, but look at it this way - once you conquer a hill over here, it is a real achievement.

    There are loads of running clubs in the bradford area. Maybe worth joining one of them?
    I am not brave enough to want a running partner yet, but I hope you have good fun with Ben if you do join him.

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