Wroxham, Norfolk

I'm off to sunny (hopefully!) Wroxham in Norfolk for a holiday in a few weeks and would like to get at least a little bit of running done whilst there.

 Does anybody know of any good routes? We're staying close to the river and I was wondering if there are footpaths along the rinver which I could use. As we're going with friends I don't think I'll have time for any long runs so can see meyself aiming for between 5 and 10km.




  • Loads of footpaths and bridleways, also, if you are there in August, the Wroxham 5k is a good race (its my 5k PB!!).

    Try searching Wroxham on mapmyrun, there may be some routes on there.

  • Indeed, he's everywhere!
  • Very, but thats Naaarfolk for you (I am an import by the way image)
  • Yarmouth?, say.....no......more
  • I'm not going to be around for the 5km race unfortunately. I'm glad there are plenty of footpaths/bridleways. Hopefully they'll be clearly signposted and I won't find myself getting lost!

    I'll probably only be able to get out for a run if I get up before everybody else as we're going with friends so I can't really go running when they're around.

    Sounds like yarmouth might be somewhere to avoid?!

  • Nah, its alright really image
  • I'm not sure if we'll make it to Yarmouth as we're all from seaside towns: South Shields or Brighton so I can see us going more for the 'countryside' parts of Norfolk.

    I'll be visiting S.Shields before Norfolk so will probably run the last section of the Great North Run whilst there image. One day I may even get to run the event itself!

  • I did a race round Blickling hall last year, its a lovely place, a nice family walk, or even a run round there is very good.

    Theres plenty of countryside to explore, thats for sure!

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