London Pride Run 10K

Any other takers this year? I had a lovely run in Victoria Park last year and this year looks set to be chip timed for the first time. And the bagels are a lovely bonus too!


  • Plodmaster

    GOOD MORNING.Can you tell me how to I get into Hackney via underground please? What the event like with Gay and bisexual.Its a bit spookie speciale I normuleimage

  • Hi all from the Pride Run organisers

    Firstly, you will see we have reached our entry limit even faster this year, even though we have increased the limit to 1000. Apologies to anyone who has missed out this year.

    Secondly, we have already sent out race numbers and details to all entries received on or before 15 July. If not with you yet, they should reach you shortly. The last 100 or so entries from the end of last week will receive their numbers in the next couple of weeks.

    Plodmonster - I'm glad you enjoyed last year. We are making every effort to match if not improve on last year's experience.

    Speedy - full details of directions to the race are in the race pack sent to all runners - alternatively maps and instructions are on the Pride Run website. And there is no reason to be spooked, we are a normal running club like all others, trying to put on a successful, enjoyable and all-inclusive race which is open to all.


    Race Secretary

  • I'm in, it'll be my first race, which seems appropriate seeing as I was born in Hackney although it might be a sorry indictment of what I have done during the intervening 33 years as I plod and puff round. Really looking forward to it though, especially since my number etc arrived last week.
  • Excellent Bill, see you there.
  • I'm really looking forward to this one too.  Missed it last year as I was on holiday.

     Anyone know what the momento is?  Is there a medal?

  • If entries are transferrable and anybody wishes to sell their number please let me know, I am quite keen to do this one. As an added bonus I don't find this event in any way "spookie".
  • SL4LJ - last year got a medal and a decent towel as well.

    But o no disaster! 15th august is the only date in the whole of august we can get my family together for the parents ruby wedding anniversary meal so I can't race after all image.

    Andy - What are the rules on exchanging places? I can't run and it seems others may want to seeing as is already full... seems a shame to waste it.

  • kinaseboy - we posted at the same time. I can transfer you my place if is possible to do so.

  • OK great, I think you can send me an email if you click on my profile. If you hear from the organizers drop me a line.
  • hi kinaseboy - there's no email link if i click on your profile.
  • Hi again

     I'm afraid that entries are not transferable due to the admin constraints beforehand and health and safety issues on the day.

    In response to SJ4LJ's question, there will be a momento but unfortunately no medal - we have had to work under increased cost constraints this year due to a reduction in sponsorship.

    Andy, Race Secretary

  • Oh well, credit crunch.

     What's the momento?  Call me shallow.

  • Sorry SJ4LJ, we do not divulge that prior to the day!
  • Spoil sport.  Can I eat it? 
  • Hi, I ran a five mile race in Victoria Park at the beginning of the year and loved it, so really looking forward to this race.  I was born and lived in Poplar for five years before they pulled down all the old houses so its like going home for me.  Try not to bring your car though, as in all cities parking is very limited.
  • i am in for this one again,  done it past 2 years and love the atmosphere and organisation

  • Wendy, bit of a cheeky question, but do you have any photos of Poplar pre demolition?  Went to visit the area when I was staying just across the river during London Marathon as a lot of my OHs ancestors used to live there.  Most of the streets still exist but the houses are down already except for 2 or 3 pubs which look quite old.  Thanks. image

    Oh and I didn't manage to get a place on this one image.  Too indecisive and then missed the opportunity.  Now looking for something else.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Race limit 1,000?!  That's a fair old field!  Looking forward to this one again having missed it last year through injury. Always nice running round Viccy Park and a very well organsied race.

    Andy - looking forward to seeing what the memento is as well, although I won't get my hopes up about investment bank-sponsored giant fluffy bath towels, what with the credit crunch and all.  image

  • Have been looking forward to this one  for ages!!!  First race since paris marathon - and i'm still injury free -she says  touching everything with a wooden surface within reach, having done Paris with a frayed soleous muscle!!!!  How long is the walk from mile end tube - anyone know? Am very intrigued by the mystery giflt!!!
  • I can't run any longer as bit injured so happy to give my place away (therefore not transferring?!) only way to do this is to meet up and pass the race number on. I work in Liverpool St so if you can meet me tomorrow i.e friday text me (07501464601) and you can run. Does sound like such a fun race, hope those of you running have a good time!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Fiona - It's about 10 mins to the park from Mile End but then the start's up the other end, so more like 20 - 25mins from memory. (If you've got time to take a detour, it's a pleasant stroll up the canal path instead of Grove Road.)

    Hope that pesky wind doesn't get up too much.  I'm after a big pb. image

  • Thanks Phil, I was about to ask the same question! No doubt I'll see a few other runners taking a wander from the tube station... forewarning to anyone I may pass in racing gear, i'm a chatter so tell me to go away if I am interupting your pre-race calm! 

  • good luck all , see you at the start (or mile end station)

    leaving cloudy Reading soon to make the journey up

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    London still cloudy too!  Still on my breakfast. Good luck all.
  • Hi all

    Hope you enjoyed the race.

    Results are on Please note these are gun to finish times.

    Please email if you have any  questions or comments about the race.



    Race Secretary

  • Thanks MikeZ for getting the results up so quickly yeserday; thanks for a great race despite my slow going (369 - 50:09) though chip time might just get me under the 50:00 mark!

    Trust you all had a great party last night too.

  • had a lovely run out in the sun although it did get a bit hot at the end, the free bagel was delish !

     Thanks for a great race, I've just found the race photos are now online 

    here's the link:

    I can't believe how good they have made me look !!!!!

    Thanks Andy for such a great race.

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