4 marathons, many 10ks, half marathons under my belt - just came 2nd last in parents race at daughters primary school.  Need to do some speed work ready for next year.


  • No, they just didn't run the race over a long enough distance for you, petition them to run the parents race as a marathon next year, see where you come.
  • Good thinking
  • haha, my girlfriend just had her daughter's sports day and came 3rd in the "mum's race" despite the fact she has ran for a couple of years (and did new york mara last year).

    she said she is a distance runner so she was happy with 3rd in a sprint event.

    you can't argue with that!! image

  • If you're sensible then you definitely can't argue with that!!! image 

    see if you're anything like me Andrew my legs don't seem to stir into action until mile 3 of any run that I do! definitely propose a longer distance next year then see how many parents actually reach the finish line lol

  • Yes it does take me a while to get going
  • I know the feeling.

    when I retired at 65 I was a stand in parent at sports day as my son and his wife both had to work.

    Of course the innocence of the grandchild saying you can run grandad I couldnt refuse. At 65, not the fastest sprinter in the world but managed 10th of 12.

    Trouble is these days it takes me six miles to warm up.

  • At my daughters sports day I was looking forward to the mums race as I am a much better sprinter than distance runner.

     Unfortunately they made us put a ballon between our knees I was last.

     For my sons they made us go on a space hopper, I didn't even finishimage 

  • I reckon I'd be alright at that, as I've been carrying a spacehopper between my legs for years.
  • Coops10 wrote (see)
    I reckon I'd be alright at that, as I've been carrying a spacehopper between my legs for years.

    lol coops

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I somehow managed to win an (adult) egg and spoon race recently.  From that triumphant experience I can think of the following tips to offer you:

    1. Do your speed training on grass (sport specificity, innit);
    2. Drink LOTS of cider on race day.


  • Or prepare for it more thoroughly?

    Try link here

    Although that does seem to be taking it all a touch seriously... image

  • Taking it seriously??

    A few years ago at my son's sports day, the head teacher (also a parent) and one of the other dads had a play fight on the start line which ended with both of them on the floor tangled up in their sacks.

    Tha last mums race I did was a relay in house teams, points going to our childrens team position. We had to do the water filled balloon over our head then between our legs, back marker races to the front and starts again. I tucked my skirt into my knickers and erm, well, the elastic wasn't quite as strong as I would have liked.  image

  • Hi Andrew

    you took part that's what matters -

    but like me when at school with the children years ago - parents race, i could'nt quite touch them

    had it have been a 10k, or HM or FM - they would 'nt have stood a chance - it takes me miles sometimes to get a comfortable rythem going

    keep training - little and often -

    good luck always


  • I won't enter.....

    In case I lose!

    I would tantrum like you wouldn't believe.......image

  • The thing is although  I have joked about it today I have seriously thought about some kind of extra training next yr - v sad.  Maybe its because my daughter offered my one of her 3 ribbons she won cos she felt sorry for me!
  • Sorry this thread has really made me chuckle... Good job I dont have kids, I would be such a competitive mum and would sulk even worse than LB if I lost.
  • I bet you wouldn't......image

    My dad taught me that second is "first loser" and scarred me for life! image

  • O LB that is HArsh!

    Well i entered the house full of rage as just been for a pre assesment only to have bp amnd weight done sp trailed there for bot all...then i read this thread!

    So funny especialy Kwitter!

    Andrew you have a lovely child offering you her ribbon....don't forget children are a reflection of their parents (apparently) it's the taking part that counts!

  • just imagine being a parent at the school where Linford Christie's kids go.
  • My dad said that to me LB - blimmin competitive dads!

    This thread did make me laugh though!

  • I remember one at my daughter's playgroup. One family took the whole thing so seriously - mum, dad, daughter (even at 4) all turned up in full running kit (might even have been spikes !). Mum and daughter duly won the spoils. The dad got absolutely hammered by a dad who just pitched up from work in his suit and work shoes - he was slipping all over the place but still won. The competitive dad's face was a picture !

    We'll gloss over where I finished !!! 

  • At my daughters sports day they were asking for women to take part in the mum's race. One of the other mums said ' Go on Ika, you run don't you ? '  To which I replied ' Not in a push up bra, I don't  ! ' 

    Seemed like a good excuse - I was actually scared of coming last as I'm more of a distance runner than a sprinter.

     Lack of appropriate underwear didn't seem to worry the mum who came first, mind you. image And don't the dad's take it seriously - shirts off and elbows out .......  

  • ftm42ftm42 ✭✭✭
    I'm known as the local running nut as I drop my kids at school in my gear, then run home. When I lined up at our mum's race, apparently everyone was assuming I'd win. When the Head teacher shouted 'go', everyone else seemed to have crossed the line before I'd even got half way, so I resorted to my usual jog and waved as I finished!! My 2 sons who witnessed this were mortified. So at least I managed to embarrass my sons in front of all their friends!
  • Ali, I always think if I can't do well in something, embarrassing my children is the next best thing image
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