Foot pain

Help! I'm suffering here. First my arches of hurt and now the pain has moved from there to the outside of my feet. It's very painful to even walk and is only helped by rest. Do I need to get an orthotic and does anyone know of ones for this type of pain? Should I presume that the outsides now hurt because I was over-compensating for the arches?
Any help/advice much appreciated.


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    MS - if the pain you refer to is in the 5th metatarsal area i.e. behind the little toe, get yourself off to a podiatrist pronto. There's 2 possible causes:

    a biomechanical problem which means you are putting too much pressure in this area (maybe caused by comensating for the arches) which may also be caused but your running shoes. This is what I had and had an orthotic made by my pod which whilst not full curing the problem has helped. Do you notice the pain when running, or is it only at rest?

    if the pain is intense you may have a small fracture of the 5th metatarsal which the podiatris can also diagnose by feel/ultrasound/x-ray. this is not nice and depending on the fracture type, could mean surgery.
  • Thanks for this. It's in the middle of the foot at the edge. Not sure whether this is the same. It only hurt on my right side for a while - now that has gone and it's now hurting on my left!
    It does get better when I've been running on it for a while and some days it just disappears only to reappear the next day!
    I will go along to a podiatrist to see what they recommend.
    Thanks for you hlep fatbutfit and keep up the running.
  • I'm recovering from a break of the 5th metatarsal, which occured in January. I'm still not allowed to run, but I have managed to get out walking at a good pace, about 6-7 miles.
    To make matters worse, I too have a bio-mechanical problem which causes me to put much more pressure on to the 5th meta. and I have a LOT of weight bearing down on the area. Once I have the all clear I intend to see a podiatrist.
    What sort of cost are we talking for orthotics?
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    Your symptoms sound exactly like mine.
    I went to a Physio yesterday. History. I was getting intermittent arch pains on my right foot (nothing major though) before FLM. Ran FLM no problem.

    NOTE one week before the FLM I put shock absorbers in my trainers and thought they were helping my knees so kept them in.

    A week after marathon and a 10miler, I had pain in middle of right foot (at the edge), it felt like I had broken a bone sometimes as it was very painful. Not all the time. Sometimes pain, sometimes nothing. Affected the rest of my foot. Foot very tight and general dull pain. Initially, very painful when getting out of bed in morning.

    Physio checked out my foot yesterday and confirmed no broken bones or fractures. Ligament problem. Gave me a couple of exercises to do with massaging the affected area and ultrasound.

    I have to say today my foot is brill. He has told me to lay off running for max 2 weeks though. Another physio session next week and I would say I am on the mend.

    It may not be doom and gloom for you. Here's hoping.

  • Run Rabbit Run
    Thanks for your comments - does sound exactly the same. Did 9 miles last night but had to walk the last bit as I was in agony. Hobbling around a bit now but not so bad. Strange how it jumped from one foot to the other.
    Hopefully I'll have as speedy a recovery as you.
    Thanks again
  • Run Rabbit Run and Musical Socks

    I have the same problem. Physio gave me some ultrasound which has seemed to help a bit. I've not run for two weeks now. Leeds half marathon on Sunday so hoping for the best.

    Run Rabbit Run what were the excersises you were given.
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