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I'm going through a bad patch and need some words of wisdom etc..

I am recovering from Achilles tendonitis and it has been going pretty well, but work is getting really stressful and I keep skipping training sessions (i'm training for a half marathon on Sept 6th). When I get home from work I just slump on the sofa, try to ignore the screaming children and stay there all night feeling sorry for myself, trying to talk myself into going for a run.

The weather isn't helping but I could easily get on the treadmill if I could be bothered.

I'm a teacher so break up for the hols next week and intend doing lots of cross-training to try and build up my fitness base without putting extra pressure on my poor achilles. But I will probably do sod all.

When will I snap out of this? What should I do?

I'm only up to 8 miles on my long run and I'm worried I wont be up to the distance by September 6th and will get myself injured again.


  • Literally the hrdest part for you will be getting out that door.

    Wait till the school breaks up, then do a sixty minute session of either gym/cross training or a run, low speed, flat and off road (nice safe trail to minimise potential injury) and try and remember why you run - because it is enjoyable.

    The feeling of relief and smugness you will feel after breaking your spell of apathy will taste a lot better than the guilt.

    Its your brain that is sabotaging you and not your injury - so don;t let it win.

    Good luck and we have al been there so you are not on your own.

  • Have you consisdered joining a club?

    I was a teacher until recently and sometimes had difficulty motivating myself after a rough day at the chalkface. However if I could get myself down to the club I always got dragged around by someone, especially during the long dark nights or long sunday runs ( as well as a medicinal pint or two afterwards)

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