Do wetsuits deteriorate?

I've just found a wetsuit we bought for our younger son, it hasn't been used for about 10 years.

Is it still usable or do they perish? ?  It's a "normal" one rather than a swimmer's. Shame to chuck it out if  another kid can get some wear out of it.


  • If it looks ok it will be fine for mucking about in. The usual advice is that for the sharper end of the field in a swim wetsuit, about 3 years is the expected lifetime. I'm a bit further back and I've had mine for 3 years and I expect to get a bit longer out of it.
  • mine is second hand and has started to perish,

    the local dive shop has done a bit of a repair but I do need to think about slinging it and getting a new one

  • I'm tight. I've raced in my QR regularly for 10 seasons now. Its still in 1 piece, a couple of snags on the bottom of 1 leg, done 6 years ago. Still going well. Cant see a reason to replace it.

    Its looking as if its going to outlast me!

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