3Km Forest Trail Fun Run

My daughter and I ran the 3K Fun Run that SaabSoloman/209 Events put on in the Delamere Forest in Cheshire on the 9th of July.

We had a very good time; good trails, nice little hills to run, beautiful surroundings. The race officials were very nice;  the race marshals were very encouraging and directive and the main announcer was a happy, friendly man, quite fun he was. The atmosphere was a nice (family) evening, everyone was clapping as we made our way back through to the finish, which my daughter loved, she also loved it when our names were announced as we came through the finish line, it definitely encouraged her the last 50 metres.

 We were also plesantly surprised that she and I got a goody bag along with our medals, we thought we would only get the medals but was a bonus it was to get that goody bag, she loved going through it to see what we got! I have to say that everyone that worked the race were very friendly, helpful and just had a nice pleasant attitude about them.

The ONLY complaint I have about this run was that there were NO signs on the main road where to turn in, we only spotted the neon yellow sign about 100 metres down the drive. There was one sign to the north on the main road about a mile away but NO other signs on the major turnoffs. It took us awhile and a couple of arguments between my husband and I where to turn into. Needless to say, we arrived when the horn sounded for the 10K runners and we were the last ones to line up for the 3K fun run but we made it in time. It was well worth the evening but next time the organizers should make sure it posted alongside the road better!

I will definitely do this race again next year with my daughter or maybe on my own for the 10K but it's a beautiful setting with a lovely atmosphere and the people were great!

C. Jones, Wirral

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