Torch for trail running?

I'm a bit fed up of spending the last hour of Ironman races running in the dark.  Also I'd like to make use of the trails where i live during the winter and the unlit roads.

I remember reading once about a really good light you could attach to a belt - belt mounted sounds better to me as i don't want to look like i'm going caving image.  Does anyone know what it's called?  think it's circa £90.  Or does anyone have any other recommendations?

thanks for your help


  • Dunno about the belt light but the alpkit gamma is a good head torch -4 different colours/leds.
    Actually aldi had a head torch for a fiver the other week - that's prob good too.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Another vote for the Alpkit Gamma head torch - I use it in winter for a towpath alongside a rather large river. At £15 incl duracell batteries, it's a steal.
  • limperlimper ✭✭✭
    I use a headtorch.
    I have used a belt torch, a chest strap torch and a leg torch!! They all seem to move with the body much more than a head torch does and then don't provide such a good view of the ground in front of you. IMHO!
  • Get a Gamma, top product, super value for money.
  • excellent, will get a gamma, thanks guys for the advice.
  • well, the night is longer these days so it'll soon be time for a light if i'm gonna keep the morning runs going.  just got the alpkit gamma through.  can't believe how small it is!  will give it a go soon althought the "all the gear no idea" triathlete in me loves the idea of that petzl ultra torch!  paths i run on are pretty bad even in daylight so we'll see what it's like with the alpkit torch. 
  • wow, i cannot believe how bright that alpkit torch is!  i'm amazed.  will no doubt be trying it out for real soon.
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