Blood Pressure

Can someone please tell me how to relax when I've having my blood pressure taking. I have a severe case of white-coat syndrome and work myself up for hours before having it taken.

I had pre-eclampsia with both my pregnancies which has set off this fear even though my youngest is now 3 years old.

Any help would be appreciate. Thanks


  • Ask the quack for a 24 hour BP recording to be arranged
    then youll have a better idea of what your resting BP is like
  • I don't think it would help actually because I'd just be stressed out all the time :-) (I'm not joking either unfortunately).
  • Might give a better idea though, and youd have 24 hours to get used to it
  • I may well suggest that, thanks. I need something in the shorter term though, getting it checked again next Thurday
  • good luckxx
  • Susie, try getting the nurse to do it insead of the doc...
  • Do you have any relaxation tapes? I find guided imagery useful, but basically you need to find a technique that suits you.. and practice practice practice.. Try closing your eyes when your BP is being taken and speak gently to yourself.. don't beat yourself up...Good luck!
  • Hi Saxplater,
    It was the nurse who did it yesterday, it makes no difference who does it unfortunately. I wouldn't mind but it wasn't even particularly high, 140/85.
  • Ask your surgery to fit you with a 24 hour bp monitor which you wear while you go about your day (and night).
    Will give a truer measurement of your bp.
    Then adjust average figures by +12/7.

    Hope this helps.
  • Oops, sorry, Hippo
    didn't read all the way through.
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