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 I've had 2 pairs of Nimbus 9s and loved them. Did my first marathon in a apir of 9s!   I bought 10s when they came out but found that my usual size was a bit tight across the toes. I did continue to use them as I didn't have any major issues with them except that they weren't as comfy as the 9s.

 Could any Asics fan  who has the new 11s and previously had 9 and 10s please advise whether the 11s run small like to 10s or are back to normal like the 9s?



  • So no one so far has bought a pair of Nimbus 11s.

     I'll ask on another website and wil post the result if I get one in case it helps anyone else.


  • OK here's an update. Thanks to a poster on Disney Running I ordered a pair and they arrived today. I haven't taken them out for a run yet as it is muddy (when it is disgusting undefoot I use my trail shoes).

     But the fit is GREAT.

     So if like me you loved the 9s but found the 10s not great then don't hesitate - go for the 11s they rock!

    The ladies version are also very pretty shoes. I can see myself hitting the parks next year in the Disney World Goofy's Race and a Half  Challenge in those (or probably another pair by then)

    I will add to this when I've actually run in them but first impressions are good.

  • I got a pair of 10's on ebay cause they were too tight I thought i would wear them in but nope, really annoying!
  • I just wore really thin socks wiht my 10s - coolmax type and they were OK. Not great but OK.

     I was a bit miffed at the time because when I bought them it was with the idea of using them for the marathon in Florida. I couldn't risk it though so I ended up buying another pair of the 9s and running in those.

  • Hi, Nimbus 11's are really comfortable !

    I've been wearing the Nimbus since version 7, and every year had the next  out as a new shoe. Loved them to run in. When I got the 10's late last year, they were tighter across the toe box. On long runs kept getting minor blisters. I thought it was just me getting older, feet flattening and becoming more susceptable or something !image Carried on wearing them, shorter runs were no problem. Anyway got to about 400mls in the 10's and ordered 11's. What a difference ! It's like luxury again. Toebox width has gone back to what seems like the old version. The whole shoe just seems comfier. I've done 2 longer runs of 12 mls so far and (fingers crossed) no blisters. If you've liked previous versions of Nimbus, but didn't get on with the 10, I'd recommend 11's. If you're uncertain, best to try them out in a shop to see the toe width difference. Also the lacing has nearly gone back central, just a slight angle in, which is not noticeable. There seems to be some good deals about. Net seeling for about £84 and I saw in Lilliwhites discount sports shop in shopping centre for £79 !

    Very nice to run in these again.image

  • Thanks for that update Gra. I've not had chance to run in mine yet - been using the trail shoes due to wet paths image
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