funny red spots!

This week i managed to get a new p.b at 10k which am really thrilled with.
But at the end of the race felt really dreadful(more than i normally would).
The next day i noticed quite a lot of tiny red spots beneath my skin that don't disappear when pressed, they are mainly on my torso and upper arms.

Does anybody have an idea what they are,or what could of caused them.
Thanks Sapper.


  • Viral illness?
    Do you still feel unwell?
  • No, not really just a bit stiff like you normaly would.
  • spots still there?

  • yes,still the same,probably making a fuss,but i was just intrigued to know what they might be.
  • i occasionally get smaller versions of acne style spots on the inside of my legs and on the bit of chest between the pecs, i think it comes from sweating. they don't go away when pressed but they disappear after a day or so.

    i'm no doctor though, i just know not to worry abnout them when i get them. but they might not be the same for you.
  • I had a line of these on my thigh after FLM. Well - something that sounds like them anyhow. They went down after a few days.
  • I get this, and have always put it down to a kind of heat rash, as I get SO hot when running.
  • they could be something to do with the stress of racing. do they itch? if they're not itchy, they're probably an allergic reaction to something, and u should take anti-histamine tablets if theyre annoying u too much.
  • Could be sweat rash (unlikely) or some sort of fungal rash?
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