4th Folkestone Rotary Half-Marathon. Incorporating the Kent Championship Half Marathon & Kent Gr

CindersCinders ✭✭✭
Anyone else doing this event?


  • Hi Cinders,

    I probably will - first time this year as I started running in April. 

    I'm still trying to decide between this one and the Harvest Trail 10 on the same day (miles away but I have a running friend in Hertfordshire... depends if I can persuade her!)

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    See you there Emma if you're not doing the Trail 10 image
  • It's a Club Champs race for me, and I've done the previous three, so I expect I shall be there.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Hi Andy, see you there image
  • Hi, Am thinking of doing this but does anyone know if it's near a station please?
  • Hey Nicola J,

     Are you travelling by train too?

  • I'm in !!!!
  • Love this one.

    V flat apart from rememberance hill.

    You can run flat out. Defo PB potential.

    I'm there.

  • anyone else get an email about their payment not being accepted via the website, sounded a bit dodgy
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    Chaz - the start is only about 1 mile from Folkestone Central station, but I suspect getting a train may be your main problem. Assuming that you're travelling down through Ashford the first train into Folkestone arrives at 09:18, and that starts from Tonbridge. The first train down from London is an hour later - arriving after the start of the run.
  • Thanks for the info oi.you. Looks like I'll have to give this a miss.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Hi. I'm a total novice to racing but just noticed that this event is on my birthday and seems like a good time to start racing as any. Any advise on how long should I arrive before the start of the event?
  • Posted my entry to this one today. Will be my second half marathon after completing the Kent Coastal Half on 6th Sept.

    Only started running in Feb this year.......but loving it!!!............and that just sounds so weird as I just started this as a cheap form of excercise.

    Anyone know how long that Hill of Rememberance is???

  • that hill is epic and right at the end, many people walk it. Having said that you do go down more or less the same hill near the start.
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    The hill is approx 300 metres long and climbs approx 30 metres - according to GoogleEarth. It would be a doddle if it wasn't 12 miles into the run.
  • I agree.In itself,the hill isn't really that long or steep,compared to some others.

    What makes it always feel like a "killer" is that it comes right at the end of the race-when your legs are feeling the effects of 12+ miles of running-and the psychological effect it has coming after mile after mile of perfectly flat seafront.

    It cost me an all-time PB 3 years ago.I had loads of time in hand after 11 miles,but struggled to keep running at all once I hit the hill.

  • I would imagine lots of potential PBs have died a death on that hill.....
  • Andy I am doing this one too and yes, my PB was there or thereabouts last year until I came to the hill. A great race though.
  • Keir Williams wrote (see)
    Hi. I'm a total novice to racing but just noticed that this event is on my birthday and seems like a good time to start racing as any. Any advise on how long should I arrive before the start of the event?
    I always try and give myself an hour. Plenty of time then to cope with delays, use the loos (there's always queues) and relax before the start.
  • I second that, I would give yourself at least an hour, parking can be a problem and you might have a bit of a walk to the start etc.
  • Awsome! Awsome! Awsome!!!!

    What a great day out! Thanx so much to the organizers of this one for the lovely day today..........even the weather was perfect. Thanx to the Lucozade bloke on the stand for the advice and freebies too! 

    And despite THAT HILL, I did my PB and went under that 2hour mark for the first time on only my second Half Marathon. So, so happy..................still high on the adrenaline rush! Had only planned to go under 2hrs at Peterborough in 2 weeks and just do race pace till 12 miles and that hill. But heyho.........I managaged to push out that last mile far better than I ever imagined possible.

  • i second that, thrashed my pb too dipping under 1h30 and truly conquered THAT hill
  • Well done TT!! That is a Fabulous time!!!!!!!

    Can't say I conqured the hill.........but I coped. And on realizing at the top of it, that an under 2hr was possible, had to go for it .......despite every fibre in my body protesting!!! So, so pleased with my 1:58 that I still have a smile right round my head today!!

  • Well done guys!

    With a bit more work, I guess 1.30 is not too far out of reach for me! I wanted ot break 1.45, having just missed it at Canterbury back in May. Over the moon with my run - I knocked over 5 mins of my pb, coming in just over the 1.40. Tried to take that pesky hill on, but it slowed me down just enough! To cap it all, a day off work, shopping in Canterury the with the other half, and my legs don't ache too much today.....

     Thanet 10 in December next for me, I think. I like the idea of the Deal 5 but it's my eldest's birthday so I don't think I'll get away with it! Might try and find a 10k for late October/early November, though

  • I did a pb as well so am dying to see it in black and white when the results appear on the website. When I was 17 I did my pb of 1h31m and yesterday 25 years later I ran 1h 27m at the age of 42!! Priceless!! I broke my foot 2yrs ago but in 2009 I have run a pb in every distance from 10k to marathon!! Isn't life strange?
  • I had results e-mailed to me this evening. And you are right. It's great to see it in black & white!!!!!!

    Dying to see if there are any photos of me.  On my first HM, we forgot the camera so only have a few blurry shots on hubby's IPhone. This time took my Pro Camera along. Hubby took pics at the start, then couldn't get camera to work again?? Didn't want to stop and sort it out for him and lose time. So hopefully the camera man on duty got me??

  • I can't have given them my email address as no email for me - and no results yet posted on their website. Hopefully they will be posted soon.
  • slow shuffle.....If u want to e-mail me thru this forum, I can forward them to you.
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