Expo - London Triathlon

Is the expo worth a visit?

 Maybe looking at getting a wetsuit.  Not partaking but wondered if it isa worth going to see the kit available?


  • Depends a bit on how far you've got to go I guess, and what other kit supplies you have nearby.  I've enjoyed about half an hour going round it each time, but that was in between supporting friends.  They do sometimes have good bargains, and if you wanted to get a wetsuit then you may bag a bargain if they have one in your size.
  • Depends what youre looking for, there are quite a lot of exhibitors from what I remember, its probably the biggest tri expo in the uk other than Triathlon, Cycling and Running show.

  • I tried on about 4 makes of wetsuits there, and eventually bought an Xterra- later on when I'd thought about it. It was the best fit. If you don't know what make you want it is a good idea as they have all sorts, whereas you might have to trail round a few shops to find the range.
  • If you're nearby, it's worth a visit.

    I got a 3 lessons for 2 voucher from swim for tri last year...  which resulted in me entering in the race _this_ year....  and I think there was a pool where you could try out wetsuits as well.

    there's lots of bike p*rn as well...

  • Excellent.

     I think I will go then.  Only live 1 hr away assuming traffic ok.

    Not a lot of tri shops in Kent. 

  • Anyone need a hotel room for London Tri?

    I have a double room for 2 people, non smoking,. Saturday night, £110 (neg)

    It is at the holiday inn, just next the venue.

    Andy 07734433505

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